The demonic brashness of Trap Lord means it isn’t for everybody – but it’s enough to capture a wide array of rap fans from both the old school and younger demographics. It’s an album that’s best shared over a drink (or ten), full of adrenaline anthems and smokers’ soundtracks. Trap Lord is a worthy debut from A$AP Ferg that shows plenty of promise.

Fresh off his Australian appearances with A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg has finally unleashed the highly anticipated Trap Lord. Ferg’s full-length debut sees the Harlem native establish himself as not only a frontrunner in the A$AP Mob, but an animated and accomplished solo artist.

The album kicks off with the apocalyptic swing of ‘Let It Go’, a track that’s full of violent bravado and thuggish threats, while rattling hi-hats and eerie production lace this standout cut. Similar themes appear on the testosterone-fuelled ‘Dump Dump’ and ‘Work (Remix)’ – both of which are furiously snatching at the title for club banger of the year.

Features on Trap Lord include Bone Thugs-N-Harmony lending some tongue-twisting verses to ‘Lord’, while Onyx tear their way through the subtly titled ‘Fuck Out My Face’. This calibre of guests reflects Ferg’s greatest successhe’s able to deliver a sonically fresh (albeit brooding) record that pays homage to the golden years of hardcore hip hop.

With this being said, the record also oozes with Southern obnoxiousness and horrorcore soundscapes. Like many of his colleagues who subscribe to the ‘trap’ mentality, Ferg’s album will be criticised for being lyrically repetitive and typical of rap’s gangster clichés. However, his possessed flow and erratic personality ensures that this is an electric affair throughout.

3/5 stars


Trap Lord is out now through RCA.

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