Undoubtedly, one of the things that can make or break a restaurant experience is the atmosphere. The food can be amazing, but if the atmosphere is poor, you’re going to have a pretty disappointing time. Thankfully, Kid Kyoto is coming to the rescue, promising to deliver a brilliant dining experience for all you fans of ’90s music.

As Broadsheet reports, Kid Kyoto is set to open for lunch and dinner later in the spring, and plans to deliver an alternative take on Japanese cuisine, inspired by the grungy aesthetic and sounds of the late ’80s and ’90s.

Richard Prout, manager of the Sam Prince Hospitality Group, has named Seb Gee (China Doll, China Diner) as the head chef, and is feeling rather excited about the sort of atmosphere that the restaurant plans to provide.

“The interior has a raw femininity to it with a punky Nirvana, Radiohead, Björk playlist playing in the background. It was this music that inspired the menu, if you like,” Prout stated. “It’s going to be relatively grungy in a kind of izakaya style as they are in Kyoto and Tokyo in Japan.”

If the other ventures by the Sam Prince Hospitality Group are indication of what to expect, it sounds as though there will be plenty of traditional Japanese ingredients being brought to the table at this new Bridge Lane establishment, only to be given a modern twist by the time it reaches your plate.

“We’re definitely not a traditional restaurant,” Prout said. “We’re utilising Australian ingredients but giving them a Japanese-Australian take.”

Of course, we’re also wondering just how far the grungy, ’80s and ’90s aesthetic is going to go. We’re hoping to see a few dishes named for Radiohead tracks, and who knows, maybe the soundtrack will feature a few cuts from Nirvana’s Hormoaning EP, released in Japan and Australia when they toured here in the early ’90s. Whatever the case, this certainly sounds like the sort of place that lovers of Japanese cuisine and rock music are definitely going to love.

So if Japanese cuisine sounds with a grunge aesthetic like something that you can get behind, be sure to check out Kid Kyoto when it opens later this spring.

While we wait for Kid Kyoto to open, check out ‘Aneurysm’, from Nirvana’s Japanese and Australian Hormoaning EP, below.

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