Posted 30 Mar 2017 @ 2:23pm

Queensland has thrown out the ‘gay panic’ defence for murder. At last.


I grew up with the cautionary tale of Matthew Shepard’s gruesome torture and murder at the University of Wyoming in 1998 as a signposting to hide my sexuality or only express it to others if I knew for certain they were gay too.


I’ve been fortunate for the most part, but I did have one small...

Posted 30 Mar 2017 @ 2:00pm

David O’Doherty is working through some things right now. Alright, it’s probably closer to a lot of things.


His current festival show, Big Time, has undergone some massive changes, and the Irish comedian is unsure where it may end up, thanks in no small part to the unpredictable nature of the world around him. 


“This show started out as an hour – now it’s two,”...

Posted 30 Mar 2017 @ 10:58am

Truly the honourable, more classy successor to the letters KFC, Korean fried chicken is starting to have its moment in the sun.


Varieties of popcorn chicken, chicken tenders and schnitzels are getting the super sticky, super salty treatment of Korean cooking. So to help spread the gospel of huraideu chikin, Flying Tong in Enmore offers a huge serving, dripping in sauce, in its...

Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 2:49pm

An erotic photo exhibition featuring a collection of female nudes from late Russian photographer Arkadiy Kozlovskiy, titled The Russian Nude, is now on display at the Black Eye Gallery.


The Russian Nude is a selection of black-and-white art nudes shot over a four-year span from Kozlovskiy. In 2010, he began shooting nudes and quickly achieved high recognition within the Russian...

Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 2:47pm

The Hemp Health and Innovation Expo And Symposium returns to Rosehill Gardens on Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28 this year.


The expo, which drew thousands last year to Rosehill, is back. The program includes over 80 exhibitors, interactive activities, educational workshops and displays. 


The Symposium aspect of the program features speakers ranging from...

Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 2:42pm

Sex Object, a new play presented by the JackRabbit Theatre and penned by comedic writter Charlie Falkner, will debut this April at Marrickville's Depot Theatre.


Directed by Michael Abercromby, Sex Object will see Falkner himself star alongside Grace Victoria, Andrew Hearle and Charlotte Devenport in this comedy evolved around sex in the age of phones and porn. 



Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 2:36pm

Gastro Park, chef Grant King's Potts Point restaurant, will be the latest of Sydney's fine dining establishments to close its doors.


King opened the Potts Point establishment six years ago, and will close it on Saturday May 20. It's not an unprecedented...

Posted 28 Mar 2017 @ 4:03pm

Welcome to the BRAG's weekly rundown of what's hot in the coming seven days of cinematic releases. Sadly, the only new stories this week are the real ones - all of the fiction is firmly planted in the franchises of the past.


Of course, that doesn't mean it's all bad news - one of our franchise offerings takes a whole new angle on its many historical precedents, and one is a...

Posted 28 Mar 2017 @ 3:58pm



After 80 years in the public eye – and immediately following the abysmal gauntlet of 2016’s gritty comic reboots – who would have thought that the definitive movie about Gotham’s caped crusader would come from the folks behind The Lego Movie?


The super cool Batman (Will Arnett) has saved Gotham yet again from the villainy of the Joker (Zach Galifianakis),...

Posted 28 Mar 2017 @ 2:58pm

Fallen is set to open in Sydney this April. What’s the play about?


It’s set in 1848 in a home established by Charles Dickens to reform ‘fallen’ women from the streets and give them a second chance at life in the colonies of Australia. This play is not about Charles Dickens, not naturalistic and is not a factual retelling of this history. It can’t be, as history has never...

Posted 28 Mar 2017 @ 11:47am



Quality aside, there comes a time when no great actor, director or production team can justify the mounting of a particular play – and that time is now. No longer satisfied with dominating Sydney’s main stages, the values of ’70s Middle America have made their way onto the independent scene for little discernible reason.


Lenny (Laura Pike) isn’t using to...

Posted 28 Mar 2017 @ 11:23am



Whereas satire aims to hold a mirror up to the flaws of our society, this wildly un-PC farce, The Homosexuals, Or 'Faggots', does away with subtleties and goes straight for the throat, like a javelin hurled straight at Darlinghurst.


Warren (Simon Burke) and Kim (Simon Corfield) have it all – a well-located apartment, financial comfort, and each other. But...

Posted 24 Mar 2017 @ 4:00pm

Tell us about your bar:


The best way to describe this brand new bar is, imagine if the King of Swing and a mafia kingpin opened a bar together. It features four distinct spaces: a Rat Pack/swing-themed bar, a Sicilian-style courtyard with a large citrus tree and vines on the staircase (sourced from the film set of The Great Gatsby), a ‘gangster lounge’ for drinking and dining...

Posted 24 Mar 2017 @ 11:16am

It’s no wonder Parramatta is being heralded as Australia’s next major city.


From vast proposals for urban renewal, to new initiatives for live music, and the opening of trendy cafes and restaurants en masse throughout Western Sydney, the attraction to this new cultural capital is plain to see. 


With Sydney’s most culturally diverse population residing in the...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 3:53pm

The hopper, a traditional Sri Lankan street food, is a serious contender for being considered a national treasure in its home country.


Predominately served as a breakfast food, this gluten-free, ‘almost-paleo’ snack has largely evaded the Western palate, until now. 


Ruvanie, who runs Hopper Kadé, is so passionate about hoppers, you’ll start to feel excited...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 2:14pm

After an intense couple of months, the video game world takes a well-earned break and slows down on the premium releases in April.


 Though while you won’t find a heap of blockbusters inbound, there is still plenty to enjoy. 


First up on Tuesday April 4 is Persona...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 2:08pm

For the first time ever, Parramatta's Riverside Theatres will be the location for this weekend's national touring Flickerfest film festival.


Riversie will host the Best of Australian and Best of International short film programmes, handpicked from the 2,400 entries for Flickerfest 2017.


Flims being showcased in the Best of International section include Battalion...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 1:34pm

Welcome to the BRAG's weekly rundown of what's hot in the coming seven days of cinematic releases. This kind of release schedule is every studio executive's wet dream: franchise, franchise, franchise.


If you're of the family persuasion, there are a number of decent options for you and your tiny stank people to indulge in at the cinema. Some of them, however, aren't kid-...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 1:29pm



Do you remember the marketing conceit that the video game Team Fortress 2 introduced, where you could buy skins for your characters? That’s Power Rangers in a nutshell: seeing it at a cinema is like paying $20 for a new skin over Michael Bay’s Transformers.


When a group of five misfit teenagers stumble on the wreckage of an alien spacecraft in a gold...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 11:00am

“For those who are interested and cruel enough to take a good look, when I walk onstage, you’re basically watching a guy at the edge of a nervous breakdown.”


These are practically the last words anyone expects to hear from one of the most acclaimed and prolific composers in the history of cinema – the great Hans Zimmer, who boasts an astonishing 179 composer credits on iMDB,...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 10:58am

I was in Brisbane recently for the Brisbane Comedy Festival, and one thing I noticed is Queenslanders love to shit on Sydney. They tell us we have no nightlife, it’s too expensive, and we’re all up ourselves.


But those people are all forgetting one thing: the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Ever heard of that, Brisbane? Ring any bells, Gold Coast? 


Next time someone says...

Posted 21 Mar 2017 @ 5:26pm

Laugh Hard is a night of comedy and Theatresports that aims to raise awareness and support for mental health and suicide prevention.


Laugh Hard will be presented by The Official Top Ten Night, a Sydney-based group that focuses on creating fun and interactive 'top 10 lists' that support charity causes. Happening at the University of Sydney's Manning Bar, Laugh Hard is the group'...

Posted 21 Mar 2017 @ 3:39pm

Now you can finally cat-cow to Kanye and downward-facing dog to Drake at Bondi's Beach Road Hotel.


The Beach Road Hotel will be getting stretchy and sweaty with All Of The Tights, a yoga class with a little less zen and a lot more zazz. Sydney's favourite DJ FlexMami will be spinning hip hop tracks as yoga extraordinaire Naya Marie instructs you into a pretzel.



Posted 21 Mar 2017 @ 3:34pm

What’s the idea behind Laugh Hard and The Official Top Ten Night?


The Official Top Ten Night exists to put on events that bring communities together, born from a love of top ten lists. It started with me and a mate sharing our Top Ten Songs lists and telling the stories behind the songs. We realised in that short...

Posted 21 Mar 2017 @ 1:05pm

To celebrate the tenth year of Sydney Film Festival's Official Competition and Sydney Film Prize, the festival will be screening all of its previous competition winners every Tuesday night for ten weeks.


The Official Competition is the contest element of the Sydney Film Festival. The major prize (currently $63,000) is awarded to the winning film every year. Now, every Tuesday...

Posted 20 Mar 2017 @ 12:00am



Those revelling in the slow-motion war-porn of Oscar winner Hacksaw Ridge should be forced to watch Land Of Mine, Martin Zandvliet’s magnificent, affecting exploration of the scars left by conflict and the complexity beyond the battlefield.


It’s May 1945, and World War II is all but over. In Denmark, a group of young German POWs are taken to the coast to...

Posted 19 Mar 2017 @ 10:00am

There are many reasons why people turn to comedy. A broken home, a failed life of crime. Premature taxidermy explosion.


Perhaps they stared into the abyss and the abyss giggled coquettishly. Perhaps it’s as Eric Idle suggests in The Road To Mars, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will make me go in a corner and cry by myself for hours,” and it’s a way of healing...

Posted 17 Mar 2017 @ 4:00pm

Aussie musical comedy outfit Tripod have been performing together for more than two decades now, and if the last few years are anything to go by, they’ve no intention of winding things down.


Forming in 1997, the boys known as Scod, Gatesy and Yon are veterans of the performing circuit and masters of their trade.


It’s clear that Australian audiences still value...

Posted 17 Mar 2017 @ 3:06pm

So new to the cafe scene that they aren’t even on Google Maps yet, Bruce Tea & Coffee is Glebe’s latest offering for Sydney’s burgeoning coffee connoisseurs.


The owners, Tony Sleiman and George Pahali, left the corporate world of offices and suits for a taste of the cafe game, citing a passion for educating themselves about coffee, and wanting to share that passion with...

Posted 17 Mar 2017 @ 12:19pm

Tell us about your bar:


Our namesake, Papa Gede, is the voodoo god of lust and laughter – why there are not more bars dedicated to him we’ll never know. Ours is a den of fine cocktails, craft beers and vino, with the vibe of a regular’s bar. In the name of Papa G we love people, we love drinks and we love drinking.


What’s on the menu? 

Our peanut butter...