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1. Your Profile


Ed M – lead vocals/guitar, Jake M – lead guitar/vocals and Josie F – bass/vocals. We enjoy writing and performing country-rock-alternative-Americana-pysch-soul music. A/S/L?


2. Keeping Busy

We have just released our debut EP This Time I’m Fine (produced by Tony Buchen) so we have been pretty busy playing shows promoting the record. We had...

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Electrofringe is bringing EF16 to 107 Projects this weekend. What is the overarching aim or motto behind the event?


EF16 marks a return to communal, uncensored and non-surveilled spaces to act on free speech. We want to look at how digital networks can be applied to take back the controls of our systems. It’s vital to create new platforms, spaces and networks that continue to...

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1. Growing Up


Growing up I never really learned an instrument, but I used to watch Rage religiously on channel two every weekend morning. Then, in grade seven, I formed my first band, The DB2. It was a hip hop duo with raps about cows and codfish. Things got real though when, in grade 11, I joined my first band playing drums on upturned Tupperware containers with chopsticks. My...

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1. Growing Up


I’m very lucky to have grown up in a house filled with books, art, records, ideas and music-loving parents. My dad’s a poet, and my mum’s a DJ on the local community radio station, so it’s no surprise that language and music have remained such enduring loves of mine. 


2.  Inspirations

There’s so much great music being made in Australia, and...

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1. Growing Up


Nat Tyrrell: We all grew up listening to the same sort of stuff really. My old man played guitar and always had some rock’n’roll bangers by Metallica, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd blaring through the speakers while my brothers and I were running around the house with sticks. 


2. Inspirations

Joel Tyrrell: The tunes that stand out are for us...

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1. Growing Up


Our household was musical, but not really because of my parents: they were quite religious and pretty strict about what us kids listened to. So my two elder brothers rebelled and fell in love with rock’n’roll. It's literally the exact story from Almost Famous with Zooey Deschanel showing her kid brother "the light" when it came to music.



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1. Growing Up

My parents let us to pursue whatever we were into, so naturally we did what was fun for us, i.e. acting, singing, playing piano and making up stories. My sister is now an actress on Netflix’s hit TV show Orange Is The New Black and my brother is a writer, journalist, singer (in the Australian band Bluejuice), comedian and all-round awesome entertainer, so I guess it paid...

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1. Growing Up

I hope we’ve grown up in the last ten years we’ve been a band. When we began we were soft-skinned boys, but hard on the inside, like a candied plum. Wrapped in silk, keen to impress. Now we’re harder externally, but softer inside: more forgiving, tender. Like a caramello koala. Just, “here it is”. If you like it, that’s great. If not, that’s ok too.



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1. Growing Up


So, I won’t tell you the first concert I ever went to or the first album I ever bought because they’re just embarrassing – especially for someone who loves the blues so much. My earliest memories of music are noodling on my grandad’s piano and the Nat King Cole songs he was always singing to me. I actually started playing sax at a young age and grew up playing in...

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1. Growing Up


I haven’t been in Sydney my whole life. I actually grew up on a farm in Somersby on the Central Coast which was oddly isolated, given we didn’t live that far from town. I imagine it was the reason we always had music playing – there was no-one to disturb. My dad was huge David Bowie and Rolling Stones fan, and every car trip would be punctuated by the soundtrack...

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1. Growing Up


Dad used to organise these backyard sing alongs with his mates and all their kids. They’d stand around playing guitar kind of badly, but trading all these great old country standards. He listened to a lot of ’70s commercial country records: that’s the stuff that got me into country music. I took a lot of side roads on my way to the kind of music we make now. But...

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1. Growing Up


My parents were traveling preachers so I moved a lot as a child. Music was always there but it never became a serious interest until much later. My brothers played guitar and piano respectively and so I learned bass. We had a small band of brothers and we played around whichever town we were in at the time. I taught myself guitar at 16 and that was probably the...

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1. Growing Up


My earliest musical memory would be learning to sing and how to play the piano with my grandmother. I guess that’s where The Sound Of Music entered my life: she loved the musicals of the ’50s and ’60s. I got my love and appreciation of melody from her for sure.


2. Inspirations

The first cassette I ever bought was Elvis Presley’s 20 Golden...

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1. Growing Up


I grew up in the church. I was originally groomed for the gospel industry, and then later for the mainstream pop world, until ultimately I chose to be independent. I had hard times but remarkable learning experiences.


2. Inspirations

Prince, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Burt Bacharach, Sly & The Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, J Dilla,...

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1. Growing Up

I was more into engineering and building shit as a kid: my old man had a record player and I was just fascinated by the mechanics and how the thing worked. I’d play the same LP by some average ’80s punk band every night just to watch it spin around under the stylus.


2. Inspirations

One day on the way to work I heard over the radio that Fiji had won...

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1. Growing Up


I grew up in a musical family. We had a piano in the living room that I would occasionally play around with, but I didn’t really get into to it. At the age of 12, I travelled to Tasmania to meet some relatives for the first time and watched them jam on guitars, drums, didgeridoos and weird percussive bits and pieces for hours. I became obsessed with the acoustic...

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1. Growing Up


Rackett were collectively raised on a stream of singing competitions, dance productions, school assembly performances, elaborate Christmas pantomimes, heavy metal bands and country music musters.


2. Inspirations

Inspirations include In Bed With Madonna from which we take our pre-show ritual and Suicide and The Stooges from whom we take our...

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Vinyl has experienced a real resurgence. Why do you think that is?


There is something about the sound: it’s much warmer, and there is no shuffle button so you have to listen to the LP the way the artist put the tracks together. Plus, there’s the size of the artwork. 


Are there any particular genres you find people who buy vinyl are generally attracted to?

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1. Growing Up


Malcolm: I did not grow up in a musical household at all. I was the black sheep, so to speak, hungrily saving up to buy singles and LPs, and I started to learn guitar at about 15. My younger brother then tried saxophone but gave it up. In time he became a fine sound engineer, mixing Stars live for its initial four years on the road.


Mick: I grew up...

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1. Growing Up


Music was here and there in the background for me as a child. My dad could play the harmonica, but the power of music never struck me until I was about 12 years old and I saw Adam Ant on TV. The visceral tribal sound of his band at the time, particularly combined with his theatrical look, really spoke to me. 


2. Inspirations

When I was 15, I...

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1. Growing Up


Growing up, my strongest childhood memories are playing music by a beach campfire with my friends and family, after a day in the ocean. That memory inspired the Saltwater album’s first single, 'Saltwater In My Hair'. It’s my favourite way to play music: with good company and woodsmoke all through our clothes! I think that connection with people is the key reason I...

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1. Growing Up 


My family wasn’t so musical. My dad loved to sing and my mum played a bit of piano but it was not a common thing for either of them to do. Actually, I’m the first professional musician in the family on either side as far back as anyone can remember. The first time I realised that music could convey other states of consciousness was at a Pink Floyd concert in...

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1. Growing Up


I grew up in the Sutherland Shire, listening to my parents sing and play piano. My dad composed the music that my mum walked down the aisle to, which I reckon is pretty cool. They got me started on the trumpet but I finally convinced them after a few dramatic arguments (maybe even tears) to get drum lessons. I started playing guitar after I finished school and...

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1. The First Record I Bought:


Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. I was in high school and the family did the big move to Australia from Seychelles. It was a CD format. I loved the alternative and post-grunge sounds she played with. There is quite a bit of angst on that album. I thought Alanis was raw, brave and honest.


2. The Last Record I Bought:


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Sydney Fringe Festival 2016: show profile #6


The show: Global Rhythms sees artists from all over the country performing at a brand new waterfront location in Glebe. Between a backdrop of both bridges, this event will be an afternoon of music, international food, activities and environmental sustainability.


The talent: Joseph Tawadros, a triple ARIA award-winning...

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1. Growing Up


I was born in Cairo, but I grew up in Australia in a very musical household. My parents loved traditional Egyptian and Arabic music so I grew up listening to that.


2. Inspirations

I love listening to Umm Kulthum, one of the most famous Arabic singers. Her songs are engaging and some of the first I learnt on the oud. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, one...

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1. Growing Up


The eldest of four kids, I grew up in Auckland. My father, who once played flute and sax with Manfred Mann in London, immersed us in music from an early age, nurturing our growth by providing unique opportunities such as inviting touring musicians to stay and teach. Furthermore, our grandmothers were also accomplished musicians, with one touring as Liberace’s...

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Your show, The Songs That Got Away, is a celebration of the life of Harold Arlen. How did you discover Arlen’s work?


A while ago I was preparing for a big band gig and needed to give the musical director a song list of standards. I had several of my favourite songs piled around me – ‘Stormy Weather’, ‘The Man That Got Away’, ‘Old Black Magic’, ‘One For My Baby’ and of course ‘...

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1. Growing Up


I grew up in a musically noisy household. Being the youngest, I was pretty much a sponge, observing all my family members’ choices of music and art. With my dad being a passionate musician and my mum’s extremely open approach to art, we were all given the freedom to make as much racket as we wanted, though funnily, despite being one of the loudest in nature, I was...

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1. Growing Up


My dad played records to us all the time – it’s how I first heard The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’. I remember getting a broom stick, acting like it was a guitar, and running around the lounge room pretending to play that riff at six-years-old, convinced thousands were watching me. Dad played a bit of guitar but I think them taking us to a church on a Sunday morning and...