Posted 30 Sep 2015 @ 5:56pm

1. The First Song I Wrote


I actually think it was called ‘Upside Down Skies’, and I do remember the lyrics but if I put them here I would probably have to kill you. 14-year-old Chris was pretty cheesy.


2. The Last Song I Released

I recently released my second EP Flux, which I co-produced and recorded up in Cairns with Mark Myers (former member of The...

Posted 23 Sep 2015 @ 1:05pm

1. Growing Up 

The time when I actually became musically aware was when I was about ten years old.


I was going through my dad’s record and tape collection and found a soundtrack tape from the 1966 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly movie – it’s a non-lyrical piece and it really stood out to me as being so different. It’s got like a Spanish marching-type theme with flute and...

Posted 23 Sep 2015 @ 9:00am

1. Growing Up 

My grandmother is a beautiful pianist; she gave me her piano when I was young and I started lessons at five.


I’m from a small town but every year we had an eisteddfod, which I performed in. All of my family came to hear me perform my pieces, even though they’d heard me play them a million times before at home. 


2. Inspirations

I love...

Posted 22 Sep 2015 @ 4:05pm

1. The First Song I Wrote

I suppose in high school with my best friend Anabel, we used to sing Lauryn Hill and Wyclef (I know right?!) songs in two-part harmonies, and then tried to make up our own songs when we taught ourselves the guitar around 14-15 years old. I couldn’t remember it for the life of me, but I will ask her next time I see her. 


2. The Last Song I...

Posted 15 Sep 2015 @ 5:46pm

1. The First Song I Wrote

I’ve been writing songs since I can remember, so I don’t know anything about the first song I wrote – I can imagine it being about heartbreak from a very naïve point of view!


2. The Last Song I Released

The last song I released was ‘Red Car, Cold Heart’, which I’m incredibly proud of. I wrote it quite quickly and then the process of...

Posted 15 Sep 2015 @ 5:11pm

1. Growing Up 

I grew up in a very musical family. My sisters and I all played piano and a brass instrument. My dad still plays, so of course I was immersed from a young age.


It was clear for me that I’d take it and run, create and perform, so I built the Sunwrae Ensemble after studying music composition at Melbourne Uni and it’s grown from there. 


2. ...

Posted 11 Sep 2015 @ 4:00pm

1. Growing Up 

I had a great musical upbringing. My dad was really into rock’n’roll and blues and I spent a lot of time with my older sister and cousin who were really into ’90s punk rock, and my grandfather who had a huge jazz and swing record collection.


The first show I ever went to was to see AC/DC with my dad – as an 11-year-old kid, it was the greatest thing I had...

Posted 9 Sep 2015 @ 4:57pm

1. Growing Up

Tom Scott: I got hit in the head with a xylophone in kindergarten. I grew up in the house that Madness built (‘Our House’). Actually, my old man played bass in that fucking band but they were shit by that time.


Lui Tuiasau: My old man played in a bunch of bands in the day, then he got a real job. Went to law school and all that shit. Now he’s unemployed....

Posted 9 Sep 2015 @ 4:46pm

Tell us about yourself – what’s your role and your background in the industry?


My role at Max Watt’s has a national aspect, working with promoters and clients as well as across social media, as well as Sydney-centric in the capacity of venue manager. It’s a really full role where I have to don many hats – just the way I like it! I’ve been involved in the music industry for...

Posted 3 Sep 2015 @ 4:29pm

A spotlight on what’s happening at the Sydney Fringe Festival through the month of September…



The Story Of The Silicon Valley Cowboy



The show: Best described as a ‘country opera’,the show involves a series of narrative songs played by a six-piece cowboy band and is accompanied by time-lapse projections and an anonymous cowboy...

Posted 2 Sep 2015 @ 4:34pm

1. Growing Up 

Dad’s record player gave me a heavy dose of Bob Dylan and Booker T & The M.G.’s throughout my childhood. I think it heavily shaped the music I make.


The first time I remember becoming obsessive with music was probably my VHS Guns N’ Roses tapes. The Use Your Illusion tour ones. I was 11, and I think I used to take them around with me. I loved them so...

Posted 2 Sep 2015 @ 3:56pm

1. Your Profile 

Like Neil but not Diamond, like Elvis but not Presley, like punk but not offensive, like rock but not macho, like ‘Blinded By The Light’ but not the Cougar’s version.


2. Keeping Busy 

We’ve been busy playing covers of Madonna and Prince at our friend’s wedding, doing a rock tour with Great Cynics in the UK, and playing shows with All Dogs in the...

Posted 28 Aug 2015 @ 1:14pm




Two Brunettes And A Gay…



The show: From the presenters of 2014 and 2015 Adelaide Fringe sensation Three Brunettes And A Gay… this hilarious cabaret-comedy starring three sensational performers is set to ruffle the feathers of show-goers from all walks of life. Two Brunettes...

Posted 27 Aug 2015 @ 3:56pm

1. Your Profile 

Our music is a bit like walking into a big South American cave lit with sunlight, and walls glittering with green moss.


But there’s a shiteload of spider webs so you know it’s hiding a bunch of evil and when the light fades there’s a killer suspense… Or you could say our music is restrained, singer-songwriter-driven indie-pop that floats over melodies...

Posted 27 Aug 2015 @ 3:29pm

1. The First Song I Wrote

Oh, God… I think the first song I wrote was about a break-up when I was 17. I don’t recall the title, but I know it was a super cheesy lament in the key of G. I may or may not remember how to play it. Maybe if you get me drunk.


2. The Last Song I Released

I’ve recently put out ‘Heaven’ – the first single from my forthcoming album. It...

Posted 20 Aug 2015 @ 12:53pm

1. Growing Up

My first music memories are from my early high school years. I was into vintage bands like Zeppelin, The Who, Ramones.


I remember spending hours drawing the Zeppelin symbols on my school bag. I was learning piano and guitar – I soon gave up the piano but luckily stuck with guitar.


2. Inspirations

I am a tragic Pete Townshend fan. I’m...

Posted 20 Aug 2015 @ 10:31am

What’s the idea behind your ‘video game jazz’ live show?


Our shows are a combination of video game music (drawn in part from our childhood nostalgia) rearranged in the style of jazz. It’s our way of paying tribute to the composers behind the soundtracks, by putting a fresh spin on some of the classic tunes heard from Mario, Final Fantasy, et cetera.  


How much...

Posted 19 Aug 2015 @ 10:00am

1. Growing Up 

My pa was a musician and was always off with various bands getting up to no good.


He was super chilled, though, and I wasn’t really into all his guitars until I was 16, 17. Then I went mental for them and got obsessed. Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Lou Reed were on constant repeat and definitely hit me hard when I started liking girls and feeling feelings....

Posted 13 Aug 2015 @ 4:25pm

1. Growing Up

My father was a saxophonist in New Orleans and moved to Houston to become an educator. He taught me saxophone and clarinet at school until age nine.


Around that same age, I did my first gig with older musicians at a McDonald’s. When I realised that I could impress the musicians and unforgiving McDonald’s audience, I decided I’d stick with it.


Posted 9 Aug 2015 @ 11:00am

1. Growing Up

I grew up in a musical family – everyone had a hack on the old quarter-tone-flat heirloom piano, which was very treasured during big family hangs. Impressionistic classical music became unknowingly interesting to me, as well as the rock/pop songs I played with bands and jammed with friends in high school.


2. Inspirations

I really got into the Wayne...

Posted 6 Aug 2015 @ 4:00pm

1. Growing Up

SH: Dad bought Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers for my brother James because he thought he might like it. That was significant; it kicked off our obsession with music. James’ and my musical tastes grew together, and it led to us forming this band.


2. Inspirations

SH: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Karnivool, At The Drive-In, the ‘Seattle...

Posted 5 Aug 2015 @ 6:20pm

The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is this week inviting prospective students to its Open Day – so we sought out some insider knowledge on what the Surry Hills campus has to offer.


Courses on offer:

Contemporary Performance, Entertainment Management, Composition and Music Production, Audio Engineering, Classical Performance, Music Theatre, Dramatic Arts, AIM High...

Posted 30 Jul 2015 @ 9:00am

1. Your Profile

We sound like a sloppy-dressed cowboy drew his piece at dawn, fired a warning shot into the Senate, and announced that Eden-Monaro is God’s country. Or you could just call it alt-rock. We enjoy spending quality time with each other, which is slightly harder for us than some bands cause we’re spread four hours across the New South Wales coast. We also like playing tennis...

Posted 29 Jul 2015 @ 1:03pm

1. The First Song I Wrote

The first song I ever wrote was a track called ‘My Baby Don’t Love Me Anymore’. It was a 12-bar blues number, mainly, but not exclusively, about my ‘baby’ not loving me anymore. I was about 13 years old and playing in my first band. It didn’t show an enormous amount of promise, and was more or less a B.B. King rip-off. In truth, I had no ‘baby’, and would not...

Posted 22 Jul 2015 @ 4:10pm

1. Your Profile

Three (sometimes more) living beings with loud instruments and amps. We like dogs, dirt, wind energy and picking at deceased estates. We dislike the current political system and the so-called ‘leaders’ in Australia, inequality and coal mining. Our music tries to sound like a chimpanzee shouting homonyms at flying drones. Or at least something does. Probably sounds more...

Posted 22 Jul 2015 @ 12:55pm

1. Your Profile

I think we sound sort of like a natural disaster occurring, but in a good way, I hope. It’s loud, very loud. We like to see live music – you can probably find us without a lot of effort if you are in the Valley on a weekend night… or any night.


2. Keeping Busy

So busy… no time off, none of that shit. We have recorded an EP, released a single and a...

Posted 16 Jul 2015 @ 12:15pm

1. Growing Up 

I grew up in a small(ish) town in New Zealand with both parents (and extended family) playing various instruments. I started learning piano around three to four years old, started brass lessons with my grandpa a few years later and eventually taught myself guitar, drums and finally bass.


2. Inspirations

Tough question… obviously inspiration is ever-...

Posted 15 Jul 2015 @ 2:35pm

1. Growing Up 

I’m the youngest in a very big family, most of whom were deeply into music (think The Osmonds without great teeth or Mormon persuasion), so there were a lot of classic records in our household – Beatles, Creedence, Stones, Faces, Bowie, Neil, Bob, et cetera.


2. Inspirations

So many great groups and artists across the decades, from Joni and the...

Posted 15 Jul 2015 @ 2:28pm

1. The First Record I Bought

The first CD I bought was the Men In Black soundtrack. I saw the movie and thought Will Smith rapping was what I needed to listen to. The first vinyl LP I bought was Modern Lovers’ self-titled album. It’s still one of my favourite albums of all time.


2. The Last Record I Bought

The latest LP I got was by this band from LA called Wand....

Posted 8 Jul 2015 @ 2:04pm

1. Your Profile

I get quite bored after a while with writing in the same style. It’s fabulous when you see someone take on a different approach to their norm. It’s like when you’re younger and you tell your mum or dad that you’re never going to wear skinny jeans… and the next thing you know the trousers are so tight you can see your religion. We have gotten in the habit lately of coming...