green buzzard

Posted 28 Mar 2017 @ 1:27pm

DMA'S, Royal Headache and Green Buzzard are among our favourite Sydney bands, and they're all in on one of the Inner West's best kept secrets.


DMA'S, The Jezabels, Royal Headache, Sampa The Great, Shining Bird, Green Buzzard, Bec Sandridge, Flowertruck, Scabz and more are set to take over Railway Parade in Marrickville for the annual Bad Friday festival on Good Friday this year...

Posted 28 Feb 2017 @ 12:00am



*Knock, knock*. Who's there? It's 2017 and it's time to wake up, you lazy cretins. Hammering on the door of chez Green Buzzard with such platitudes would likely bring about at least two reactions. One: scrambling to hit the ‘off’ switch on The Charlatans' Greatest Hits playing on the CD player; and two: fear on such an unprecedented level that their already significant...

Posted 3 Dec 2015 @ 10:00am

Adding their envigoratingly muddy sound to the Lo-Fi//Sci-Fi proceedings, Splashh have made a pilgrimage all the way from the UK for the Sydney psych event this month.


For Green Buzzard the trip hasn't been quite as far - the group calls Melbourne home - but their addition to the roster is no less exciting. They found themselves first signed to a label before they had even...

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