For whatever reason, Greta Mob have released a stopgap CD, in the style of old fat-cat record labels trying to milk fans in the ’90s when both record labels and CDs were still relevant.

Consisting of two remakes of songs from their debut and two live-only songs, the EP marks both the time when they became a real band and not a solo project, and the time they got Spencer P. Jones to guest on one of their songs. Whether that justifies charging fans to hear it is up for debate.

So the reason for this EP even existing is questionable at best. But the content is still enjoyable. The runtime is actually longer than their still impressive debut Let The Sunburnt Country Burn, and the redone versions of the songs are improvements. Even better, live song ‘The Vengeful Narodnik’ incorporates synthesisers, hinting at a potentially fruitful direction for their next album. Yet all this doesn’t hide the fact that the band is yet to find its own unique voice, and is still in debt to the great Australian tradition of punk-blues groups like The Drones and The Birthday Party.

They remain a group full of promise, but all because of their debut. This EP is just whipped cream; a pleasant added extra, with no substance.


Gypsy Town Revisitedis ou now through Independent / Bandcamp.

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