1. Growing Up

I never played an instrument growing up, but I loved music. I loved making mixtapes and watching music videos, and as a kid I was glued to the TV on Saturday mornings, watching Rage, Video Hits and Recovery, which might have something to say for what I’m up to now.

2. Inspiration

I mostly find inspiration from people around me who I see working hard and nailing what they do and love. I like people who break the mould, artists that do something different or new. As a visual artist I draw a lot of inspiration from cut and paste artists like Mat Maitland or Leif Podhajsky.

3. Your Crew

I just quit my day job and moved to Sydney to work full time on music and video, so I’m kind of recruiting a new crew here. Taking auditions if anyone’s interested.

4. The Music You Make

I play a spread of sounds and styles, from Moombahton and trap to straight-up house. I like to switch it up but I’m always about good vibes and big sounds.

5. The Last Record I Bought:

I just bought Lockah’s Higher Learning EP from Bandcamp – it’s so rad how you can do that now, follow an artist on Soundcloud, then buy direct from them, pay what you’re happy to pay, then connect with them direct on social media to tell them you’re digging it! It’s so personal.

6. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Australia just feels like it’s popping, I don’t need to look past the guys around me to find rad tracks to fill my sets. Anything from guys like LDRU or Spenda C or Paces is always banging.

I think the hardest thing for recording artists, though, is translating their show to a live environment. But I also think audiences need to get better at understanding what’s going on onstage. I see a lot of amazing DJs struggling for recognition because their tracks aren’t getting radio play.

It worries me that we’re confusing DJing and production – that people who write good music are good performers, or that amazing performers should be able to write great music, when really, they’re two different things. Audiences need to get better at understanding that or else I think we’re going to lose the art of performance.

EGO plays UNSW Roundhouse on Thursday August 1, George St Apple Store workshop on Wednesday August 28, Vice presents at Goodgod on Thursday August 29 and Heaps Decent workshop at Redfern Community Centre on Monday October 7.

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