Humans stacked in boxes, surrounded by concrete and convenience stores, can often feel an incredible disconnect with nature, especially when it comes to the planting, tending, and growth-cycle of the food they eat.

While community gardens and food co-ops can help bridge that gap, the very best way to feel at one with nature is to grow your own vegetables and act like an annoying little urban zen farmer.

“But I’m living in the apartment, with all the concrete, and that other stuff you already mentioned”, I hear you type. Well, that exact attitude you just showcased is the very reason City of Sydney are hosting a free introductory indoor workshop this weekend “designed to help urban residents expand their capacity to grow food on balconies, window sills and in courtyards.”

They’ll be dropping knowledge about maximising light, vertical spacing, potting mix variations, seasonal species and how planting a banana tree in your living room is, sadly, not a possibility.

It’s happening this Saturday, August 12 from 10am. It’s free, but bookings are necessary.

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