The MythBusters:Behind the Myths Tour is coming to Sydney to perform live experiments in the name of science (and explosions).

Single-handedly responsible for making science cool again, the world’s most famous nerds are touring with a live show that includes experiments, behind-the-scenes footage and a chance for audiences to get involved.

Jamie Hyneman (“quack, damn you!”) and Adam Savage (“the only difference between fooling around and science is writing it down.”) are now invading your town, and bringing their explosive brand of experimentation with them.

If you’re still embarrassed to admit your MythBusters habit, just bring your neighbours, young nephews and/or cousins under the guise of furthering their education. Then, sit back and enjoy the fireworks. I mean, ‘science’.

MythBusters: Behind The Myths will be at the Qantas Credit Union Arena on Saturday August 23, with tickets available through Ticketek.

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