Nicky Minus is known for creating bizarre, brilliant and profoundly filthy comics, and ‘Pleasure’ is perhaps her dirtiest offering yet.

It’s a fine line between pleaure and ‘kind of gross’, and this is a line Nicky Minus happily treads. ‘Pleasure’ is a follow-up to Minus’ last comic ‘Jerks’ which was a brightly coloured meditation on the wonderful weirdness of modern sex. In contrast, ‘Pleasure’ is black and white and according to her “more perverted than ever (I hope).”


Nicky Minus’ work has been featured in The Lifted Brow, Sydney Writers’ Festival and was the cover art for Sydney band the Day Ravies.

‘Pleasure’ is launching on Wednesday 3 September at 6pm in The Green Room Lounge, entry is free.

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