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Anna O

Exciting Perth newcomer Anna O is set to impress with her new single, Sleepless and debut EP, When The Winter Came set for release on March 21, ahead of her launch gig at Four5Nine Bar in North Perth on March 22.

Fans of artists such as Kimbra, Lorde and Jessie Ware should all keep an ear out for Anna O, as she bursts on to the scene with her edgy and catchy keys driven tune, Sleepless.  With an instant hook and a notable melody, Anna O’s bold vocals draw you in and will leave you singing the song long after its end. Written about insomnia, the lyrics focus on not being able to get to sleep and the frustration and mind chatter that goes on.  “The chorus explores the idea of the ‘choir’ of mind chatter, basically touching on how crazy it is to think about all the people laying awake with their mind going crazy, and what we’d all sound like together,” explains Anna O.