Sydney folk no longer have to climb every mountain or search high and low for the chance to sing-along with The Sound of Music.

On February 21 and 22 The State Theatre was infiltrated by a myriad of costume clad fans who were ready to sing the night away with Maria and the Von Trapp children.

The evening began with a host, dressed as a goat herder, explaining how the night would go down, as well as introducing us to the little goodie bags that were on our chairs. These included a little bit of edelweiss to swing during the song; a small square of curtain to wave when Maria is wondering what she can make the children’s clothing out of; an invitation to the captain’s ball; and a party popper to let loose when the captain and Maria kiss for the first time. We’re reminded not to let it off too early, because nobody likes a premature popper. We were then instructed on certain cues to follow through the film; booing when the Nazis were on screen; hissing at the Baroness; cheering for Maria and making yapping noises at Rolfe.

The next portion of the evening consisted of an amazing fashion parade that starred a huge crowd of nuns, as well as more obscurely dressed people. If you looked closely, you could spot everything from Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String to Fredericks Teeth. One cheeky patron even dressed as Frank N. Furter, clearly not caring thatThe Rocky Horror Picture Showwasn’t on that night.

What followed was a night of unadulterated, unironic musical fun. Audience members of all ages revelled in getting involved in the production and singing at the top of their lungs. This created an extraordinary sense of community that’s a rare find in today’s increasingly cynical society.

5/5 Stars

The Sound Of Music Sing-A-Long was at the State Theatre on Friday February 21 and Saturday February 22.

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