1. What Do You Look For In A DJ/Producer?
I like my producers original, melodic, experimental and, most importantly, gangsta. Imagine Dr. Dre meeting Aphex Twin one night, they play Super Smash Bros. Brawl for hours on end… finally in a smoke-filled haze they decide to make a lil’ 3am track, the track sounds intense and gangsta, yet tropical. Win.

2. Keeping Busy
I am pretty hectic at the mo’. I just dropped my new Roleo EP, Purple Island, on Die High Records at the end of 2013. Now I’m playing a lot of DJ gigs, which is fun. I’m always keeping busy co-hosting Sydney’s home of future beats, Future Face on FBi Radio, as well.

I have just started working on a new album with my hip hop crew Daily Meds, too, which is gonna be pretty much my focus this year. I’ll hopefully try and slop out another Roleo EP before that also, which will very much be on a chilla baby-making trap trip.

3. Best Gig Ever
I think Daily Meds supporting Wu-Tang two nights in a row at the Enmore Theatre will be hard to top, ever. On the first night the in-between DJ couldn’t get his decks working, so I stayed up and dropped a couple of glitchy hip hop Roleo tracks to this packed house of hip hop-heads. Really I should have just played some boom bap or something, but I had to just grab that moment for myself, y’know? It didn’t go down the best, but here I am talking about it, so maybe it was a good idea.

4. Current Playlist
Evil Needle, Doshy, G Jones, Mr. Carmack, Eprom, Ganz, Ta-ku, Lockah, Machinedrum, Dam-Funk, DJ Rashad and Slugabed are all getting a workout at home and when I DJ at the moment. I’ve been listening to a lot of trap/juke crossover kinda vibes, which is on the heavier side of things, and also on the other side of the spectrum, the more slowed-down beats/R&B kinda stuff and a lot of future funk.

5. Your Ultimate Rider
I do enjoy a tipple or two on the odd occasion. If I can find a bottle of scotch somewhere I will be a happy and sloppy DJ. But if I could have anything, I reckon just my own room out back with some decks set up would be sweet – that way I could kinda warm up and get in the zone and that. That would be baller.

UV Party in on at Chinese Laundry on Friday March 7 with Empress Yoy, Auto Claws, Juzlo, Logic, Mitch Lowe, Sippy, K3V and Key Seismic.

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