1. Your Profile

I Know Leopard. Just here to make friends. 


2. Keeping Busy

We’ve just come off two weeks of recording for our album at Joyluck Studio in Melbourne. An interest in photography has recently sparked in me, which has been keeping the serotonin flowing. Todd has been DJing heavy metal at Frankie’s and juggling his multiple businesses. Jenny is constantly making appearances on high-profile friends’ projects and is single-handedly keeping Sydney open with her astonishing attendance record at nearly every show put on in this damn city. Luke has been diving deep into writing while I annoy him with my questioning on the purpose of existing.


3. Best Gig Ever

Bigsound 2015. The stars aligned. We were in the middle of a tour with Gang Of Youths and the band was well-oiled and in the tone zone. The legend Karl Cash made our front of house mix sound like a sweet silk and butter blend. It was a juicy crowd too. All factors contributed to us feeling like the freshest of bois and girls and carrying out a virtually blemish-free show. We were all high as kites from joy.


4. Current Playlist

I’ve been loving Beyoncé, Noname, Mild High Club, Buoy, Amok and Childish Gambino’s new one. Todd’s loving Marching Church’s ‘Telling It Like It Is’ and Jenny has been tapping into Caribou’s catalogue. Luke has been loving Serge Gainsbourg and The Alan Parsons Project. As for gigs, we recently had a band excursion to see Angel Olsen at the Opera House. It was the most exquisite set we had all seen in a long time. Beautifully restrained and dynamic at the same time. 


5. Your Ultimate Rider

Our ultimate rider would include a bunch of chill animals – kittens, puppies, a wombat and a couple of rainbow lorikeets thrown in for good measure. Personal foot spas would be sick too. Do they still make them? Luke loves a pre-show chardy or a pinot gris which makes him a perky boi. I love me a whisky. Jen loves a burger or three. Toddy loves a VB and blasting some Cannibal Corpse to shake out the nerves.

On Friday February 10, I Know Leopard hit the Hudson Ballroom.

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