It’s time to celebrate Sydney’s favourite suburb (fact) with applications now open to get involved.

We might have a vested interest in Surry Hills (what with our offices there and our moderate-to-severe caffeine and Messina addictions), but that doesn’t alter the fact that the festival is an awesome showcase of the sights, sounds and general creativity of the suburb.

If you want to get involved, applications are now open for vendors, bands, DJs, performers and businesses to contribute something special. The theme this year is “an event of Stories, Love and Tales,” though we bet there will also be beards and fixie-bikes a plenty. Because “Surry Hills”.

All funds will go towards the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre to help finance various community programs and projects.

The Surry Hills Festival is being held on Saturday September 27. To apply to get involved head to the festival website, applications close Friday August 8.

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