This will probably be the only time when it is socially acceptable to for you to put on yer ’80s disco gear and dance like a maniac, maniac on the floor – in public.

After a smashing year with all-round love for their Dancing For The Girl EP,and having a song – ‘Sailor Moon’ – picked up for a Carlton ad campaign, Vaudeville Smash are not doing too bad these days.

2014 will see the band release some new infectious disco tunes, an anime video to go with ‘Sailor Moon’, as well as ample opportunity to see the Melbourne dance-pop gods in the flesh – they’ve just announced several dates for gigs in Sydney.

Vaudeville Smash will be killing it on the dancefloors with shows at Upstairs Beresford on Saturday February 8, Saturday March 8, Friday April 4 and Friday May 2, plus the Beach Road Hotel on Saturday April 5.

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