It’s been four years since we’ve had an album from We Are Scientists but it appears not much has changed in that time. Much like 2010’s Barbara, TV En FranНais is a collection of punchy, pop-leaning indie rock songs that clocks in at just over half an hour. We Are Scientists are nothing if not happy to stick to their template, yet you can’t help but think that a little variety would do them a world of good.

Although the album is still a pleasant enough listening experience, there’s nothing particularly memorable about it. It basically goes in one ear and straight out the other, with only occasional flashes of something special.

‘Make It Easy’ stands above the pack with a blistering guitar solo and the only chorus that gets stuck in your head, while ‘Courage’ builds nicely from a down-tempo start to a furious crescendo before an abrupt ending leaves you wanting more. And that’s basically the album in a nutshell: you’re left wanting something more, something to break the formula of three-and-a-half-minute-long upbeat indie rock tracks.

While sure to excite existing fans of We Are Scientists, there’s no variety here and not much ground the band hasn’t already covered.

2.5/5 stars

TV EnFrançaisis out now onDine Alone/Cooking Vinyl

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