With apologies to present and future neighbours, we’re about to buy a drum kit for our four-year-old.

This is the time!

In the realm of rock n’roll bands, you’re looking at vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. In my view, singing, keyboards and drums are the best starter instruments for little ones. Guitars are a stretch for tiny hands.

Drums have to be the biggest pain in the ass for parents. Unlike everything else, you can’t really plug into headphones. I remember that being part of the sell when I got an electric guitar at 12 years old – headphones!

Your kid will be drumming at high volume without much skill for at least a couple years. That’s the price and it’s why good drummers are hard to find.

Plus side?

Starting them young with drums will hardwire timing and rhythm right into their being. My mate Jasper started when he was three years old and he’s the best I know.

Future and current music involves a bunch of electronic production and beat making. Imagine the gift of having a knack for drums.

Sound proofing their bedroom / drum space will be key. Leaning a mattress against windows is an easy trick.

Kit options

If you want to keep costs low, just search for ‘Junior drum kit’ in Gumtree and eBay Australia. There are many results for families selling off drums. I think it’s a really good idea for starting out, just to make sure your child actually enjoys playing drums.

If you start there, and drums seems to be a real thing in their life, then you can look to level up to something more professional like these … to be honest I kinda want this Ludwig kit endorsed by Questlove.