Valentine’s Day: a bullshit day aimed at exploiting (mostly male) consumers – or is it?

Absolutely it is. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for you Big Daddy. As a dad and husband, here’s 3 strategies to drag something special out of another made-up day aimed at pinching more than a couple of pineapples from your wallet.

There’s a few blokes out there that I can hear muttering in their smug, romantic brains “I don’t do Valentine’s Day because I do something special for her every day”. Yeah, alright Leonardo Di Caprio, putting your dirty clothes in the washing machine isn’t romantic, and try telling her that when every other woman she’s mates with is gushing about what grand romantic gesture her husband committed on the big V-day. Think of V-day as a chance to kick a few thoughtful goals as a husband and dad. Fuck the heart-shaped box of laxative-based chocolates made in China – and while we’re at it, those over-priced under-whelming bunch of wilted roses you ordered over the phone can fuck right off too. Carol the florist has buggered the spelling of your wife’s name and her shitty handwriting is less than genuine. Here’s the rundown on how you can do something special on a ‘really not that special’ kind of day.