Anatole X Plant Life Balance present: Plantasia


Poor Tom’s Gin Hall

6 Chalder Avenue
Marrickville, NSW 2204
Artists Anatole
w/ Tszuj
Price $35
Ticket Information

Paying homage to Mort Garson’s 1976 cult album Mother Earth’s: Plantasia, Plant Life Balance invites you to experience a one-off performance by Sydney based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Anatole as he performs his interpretation of warm earth music for plants and people who love ‘em.

Set amongst the foliage of Marrickville gin hall, Poor Toms, live projection duo Tszuj will accompany Anatole as they map the walls with psychedelic fragments of our natural world.

The evening will be hosted by pioneering plantfluencer, Jason Chongue, and plant behaviour expert Dr. Monica Gagliano from the University of Sydney.

To get us in the mood for the show, Dr. Mon will be digging up the dirt on the extraordinary relationship plants have with music and sound, answering the big questions:

Are our houseplants affected by the music we listen to? And is listening to Lizzo on repeat helping them grow or not?
How do plants communicate with one another?
Why is the intersection between plants, music and the mind important?.

There’s no denying a glass of water and a quick seat in the sun works wonders for our houseplants, just the same, there’s no denying it’s good for us too. Grab your fronds, grab a drink and come and watch the sunset as Anatole transports us to Plantasia.

Good things to note:
– Poor Toms cocktail included with ticket!
– You may want to sit on the floor, so please bring anything you need to make yourself comfortable – cushions, blankets etc.