Lauren Daigle – Melbourne


Palais Theatre

12 Lower Esplanade
St Kilda, VIC 3182
Price $230.00
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Lauren Daigle in Concert

A performance by singer/songwriter Lauren Daigle might leave you feeling something more spiritual than you get from your average pop performance, but it’s not just because she’s one of the biggest contemporary Christian artists around. It’s because the feeling behind her songs seems to fill her with so much energy that it’s impossible for her not to let that spirit flow directly to her fans. From the success of her first hit, 2014’s “How Can It Be,” she’s forged a special bond with Christian pop audiences. And as her popularity quickly grew by leaps and bounds over the next couple of years with the ‘How Can It Be’ album, 2016’s “Trust in You” single, and the mainstream breakthrough of her 2018 album ‘Look Up Child,’ the scale of her performances has grown accordingly. From her first tour in 2016, the sold-out A Night With Lauren Daigle, to her 2018/19 Look Up Child tour and the 2018 Behold Christmas tour, Daigle puts the message of her music out in a way that draws even secular fans into her pop-friendly sound.