Mixagi presents Martha van Straaten, M.Rux, Barrio Lindo & Timboletti – a 3 year celebration


Portugal Madeira Club

1-3 Denby Street
Marrickville, NSW 2204
Artists Barrio Lindo
Martha van Straaten
w/ Fellipe Abdalla, Mixagi, Oxcar
Price $50
Ticket Information

Date: Saturday, November 9 2019
Time: from 2.00pm
Tickets: $50

Venue: Portugal Madeira Club
3 Denby Street
Marrickville, NSW 2204

Line Up:
Martha Van Straaten – https://soundcloud.com/marthavanstraaten
M.Rux – https://soundcloud.com/mrux
Barrio Lindo – https://soundcloud.com/barriolindo
Timboletti – https://soundcloud.com/timboletti
VEN_X – https://soundcloud.com/ven_x
Walking Fish – https://soundcloud.com/walking_fish
Astronafrica – https://soundcloud.com/astronafrica
Oxcar – https://soundcloud.com/oxcarmusic
Fellipe Abdalla – https://soundcloud.com/fellipeabdalla

The rule of three is a classic principle imbued with magic. It is thought that ideas presented in this form become more memorable.

For us, our 3rd cycle around the sun is meant to be just that, memorable. We look to the stars and have made sense of the constellation we are about to enter.

We have aligned the dots in such a way that our beloved cosmos gave us back a huge present that includes the biggest line up to ever drop at Mixagi. Add our unique vibe on a 14 hours + sensorial journey at our “Madeira Oasis” in the inner – west of things.

Building from last year’s soul-sister power experience that Martha van Straaten brought to the land of OZ, she will be back with more taste making, calypso – infused rave interpretation in a endless evolving style of hers.

For us she is a Queen and this time she is dropping by with an extra trio like no other.

M.Rux (YNFND, TAL – DE) – joining us for his musical debut in Australia, he has released in our opinion one of the best edit & cuts album, as a debut to his talent over 5 years ago, followed by a catalogue of releases that we can’t stop playing. Marten’s production is deceptively simple at first listen, as it builds into a complex, dirty-minded concoction of soul samples, melodies and twisted beat. His approach breaks the floor with multi-layered grooves that feel like a psychedelic trip of some sort.

Barrio Lindo (Shika Shika – AR) – head honcho of the Shika Shika label, Agustin is a multi-talented musical connoisseur that recently released his third LP Fulgor. We bring him to extend his world tour and to keep us grounded to our roots in South America. If you haven’t heard of Shika Shika, stop what you are doing and check the catalogue – we have it on ‘repeat’… by the way, all the names in this event have a release in the label. Thank you Agustin for showing us how it is done, bringing such musical landscape under one roof.

Timboletti (CopyCow, Shika Shika, Sol Selectas DE) – when someone asks us about the labels we follow, Tim is on all of them. Or, best to say his work has touched so many great artists that you have to experience his performance to understand why everyone looks up and listens to him. An amazing talent that pushes the musical boundaries of electronic and makes others follow. Expect to follow him down the rabbit hole and meet us at the bottom with “eyes wide open”

If previous years with Nicola Cruz and Chancha via Circuito was any reference of what we love to do, this year we decided that when the stars and people align, then there is no excuse than to build it and not look back.