Norfolk ‘n Goode


Norfolk 'n Goode

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Steve Norfolk (Bass, Vocals, Harmonica) and Davey B. Goode (guitar, vocals) are accomplished and creative musicians who have developed a close working relationship over many years. The music is jazzy, poppy, bluesy, rocky, folky, funky, played with commitment & heart.
Steve’s playing is unusual in that he shares the solo’s on Bass equally with any guitarist or visiting artist he works with (including Phil Emmanual), so prepare to be suitably impressed. He does own a Drum Machine, stating it’s
‘very useful as a footstand’.
Steve was part of Geoff Achison’s ‘Classically Blue’.
Dave Power’s other claim to fame, apart from being a Music School teacher, is as part of Australia‚Äôs longest running ska punk band The Porkers, releasing five albums, eight EPs, played Homebake, Livid and The Big Day Out festivals.

Norfolk ‘n Goode are actually rather splendid.

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