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The Brag Media stands as a formidable cornerstone in Australia’s publishing sphere, entrenched in the tapestry of youth culture. Our commitment isn’t just to produce content, but to genuinely resonate, impact, and shape the culture we engage with.

As the dominant youth publisher in the nation, we proudly house an impressive portfolio of the world’s most esteemed publishing brands. From music and cinema, gaming to high-end fashion, our presence is felt, and our voice is distinct. We champion an editorial philosophy that seeks to inspire and unify, rather than fragment.

We invite you to join us on this journey, as we navigate the ever-evolving world of digital publishing.

The Role:

This is no ordinary role. As the Head of Content at The Brag Media, you will be at the very heart of our operations, orchestrating the seamless flow of content that reaches our vast audience.

Key Responsibilities:

– Write short-form written content in a fast-paced environment, all whilst upholding the values and journalistic integrity of The Brag Media.

– Ensure the individual tone and overall look of each publication is upheld to the highest standard.

– Comprehensive oversight of all content domains, ensuring the impeccable quality and relevance of every piece that comes from our newsroom and native content platforms.

– Foster close-knit collaborations with our campaigns and creative teams, synergizing to bring forth unique brand narratives.

– Direct leadership and mentorship of a dedicated editorial team and an extended network of freelancers. Your leadership will be the guiding light in their professional journey.

– Embark on this role with an entrepreneurial spirit. As we navigate a pivotal growth phase, a hands-on approach will be essential. This will encompass everything from drafting compelling articles to meticulous editing and setting up staging content, you will need to write content yourself, especially during times of resource constraints.

– Engage proactively with our Head of Technology to implement AI integrations and cutting-edge publishing tools, setting the benchmark for efficiency and innovation.

– Navigate the dynamic and often unpredictable landscape of digital publishing. Your agility, foresight, and ability to prioritize will be invaluable.

– Oversee budgets with a detail-oriented approach, reporting directly to the COO to ensure fiscal responsibility and optimization.

– Direct the monthly writing roster, ensuring a diverse and compelling content calendar.

– Expertly analyze traffic and social engagement metrics to devise strategies that amplify our reach and influence.

Qualifications & Experience:

– High level copy editing skills and journalistic experience
– A solid foundation in digital media, content strategy, and management.
– Demonstrated experience in budget management and fiscal reporting.
– A track record of driving engagement through insightful analytics and strategic planning.
– Exceptional leadership qualities, with proven experience in team development and mentorship.
– Resilience, adaptability, and a proactive approach to challenges.

At The Brag Media, we’re not merely observers of culture; we’re active participants and shapers of it. This role offers more than a job; it presents an opportunity to influence, inspire, and innovate at the very forefront of the publishing industry.

If you believe you possess the diligence, acumen, and passion to champion this role, we eagerly await your application.

About The Brag Media:

More than a publishing entity, The Brag Media is a cultural institution. With a monthly reach resonating with 10 million users. With a multifaceted approach encompassing events, talent partnerships, and a cutting-edge studio business, we stand undeterred and unmatched at the epicenter of culture.

Submit your application and join us in writing the future of digital publishing.


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