Back in the golden days of the early 2000s, Larry Edmur and Rove McManus were TV poster boys; Edmur had a permanent gig hosting The Price is Right on channel 7 while McManus shot to fame hosting Rove Live on channel 10.

The TV personalities were pitted against each other and a narrative was created that they were rivals. Now, Edmur has lifted the lid on their so-called “feud” in his new memoir Happy As via Daily Telegraph.

Edmur explained that he appeared on Rove Live to promote The Price is Right, even though the channel was a competitor with channel 7.

“Shortly thereafter, Wheel was axed. Naturally, I blamed it entirely on Rove. And so began our long-running “feud”. We’ve sumo-wrestled, we’ve taunted each other on social media, we’ve had a boxing match which only ended when I punched him in the dick. But I still consider him one of my great mates,” he wrote.

“So I was floating between jobs, but it was no big deal. I had property investments and a lot of corporate work. Remember, I am the most-axed man on television, so by this point, I was quite good at being “between jobs”. It was the way it worked in the jungle.”

Rove – who was largely believed to be Edmur’s rival at the time – actually showed up to the popular channel 7 breakfast news show Sunrise and stood behind the window which is located behind the hosts, and held up a sign in an attempt to help Edmur find a new job. However, it did so much more.

“Early one morning, Rove took it upon himself to appear in the big window behind Kochie and Mel Doyle on Channel 7’s Sunrise with a huge handwritten sign that said: SAVE LARRY

“This earth-shattering campaign had people holding up signs in the strangest places and even graffitiing SAVE LARRY on freeway walls and bus stops. Now, I was already doing bits and pieces with Sunrise so I was kind of on their radar, but about the same time I was called in to host a pilot for a cleverly named concept called The Morning Show.”

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