Do young people care about insurance?

Do young people care about insurance?

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Amidst a climate of Bushfires and Pandemics, the anxiety of managing the unexpected is at an all time high for young people, and relying on insurance is one way they are dealing with it. Through this survey, we found that 98% of young people now hold some sort of insurance.

At The Brag Media, we speak to millions of Australians monthly. Despite being a music publication, during these times of high stress we have seen a huge increase in traffic.

Australians are turning to our content for joy, and to be fully immersed in what they love most.

This has placed us in a really important position where we get to talk to our fans, find out what they’re worried about, and help our partners find out what young Australians feel is important in their lives.

We hope what they told us will help you.

As Australia's largest music publisher, we were able to uncover everything you need to know

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