Young Australians and Banking

Young Australians and Banking

About This Whitepaper

Millennials have long been criticised in the media regarding their money and spending habits - who can forget Tim Gurner’s biting remarks about how Millennials are choosing smashed avocado over a house deposit?

Gen Z and younger Millennials are some of the most impacted by the COVID pandemic. We wanted to find out just how much their finances have been impacted and how they’re feeling about the future.

We speak with millions of Australians everyday across some of the most culturally connected brands, so we asked our audience:

  • Are they ok?
  • How much has COVID-19 really impacted them?
  • What actually matters when it comes to money?

We hope what they told us will help you.

As Australia’s largest music publisher, we were able to uncover everything you need to know

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