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1. The First Song I Wrote

The first song I wrote that I can remember was in about year five (so about ten years old) and it was some seriously Hanson/AQUA-inspired power pop that I would belt out whilst doing sheep work with my little sister and Dad. Had lots of extended "ieeeiiiis" in it and "ooooooeeeooos". Child prodigy clearly…


2. The Last Song I Released...

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1. Growing Up


I think as a band we’ve all come from musical backgrounds in one way or another. All of our families consisted of people either being musical themselves, or just having a love for great music. We grew up listening to the likes of Hendrix, Zeppelin, The Doors and Stevie Ray being played in our family homes. As a child I always remember my dad and his brothers...

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1. Growing Up


Mark Hillter: When I was six, my older cousin introduced me to alternative rock music via The Presidents Of The United States Of America. I’ve been terrified of cats ever since.


John Poseidon: I grew up in leafy Pymble playing guitar and drums in the garage loft, practising anything written by Dave Grohl. My older cousin was the one who finally got...

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1. The First Song I Wrote


It was definitely a love letter to a teenage girl. It was so bad that she never heard it and I never played it again. I was about 13 years of age at the time – ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ by John Mayer was an inspiration at the time I think, so yeah, that song never left the bedroom.


2. The Last Song I Released

I just released my...

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What can you tell us about the history of The Latin American Festival, and why it’s coming back in 2016?


Hola. An early wave of immigration into Sydney from Latin American countries in the late ’70s saw a number of people settled initially around the Bondi area. Waverley Council, to their credit, realised a great way to welcome people would be to stage a festival, celebrating...

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1. The First Song I Wrote


The first song I wrote was a ridiculously ordinary song called ‘The Stranger’ and I was in year six. Oh boy, it was bad, but for some reason I have a recollection of my class singing at an end of year assembly, or something like that. I wrote it with a friend of mine, Mat, but it was honestly about nothing. The chorus went, “There’s a stranger, a girl...

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1. Growing Up


Music has always played a major part in our lives growing up. We have an annual family reunion called Stitt Fest where every year we all take turns at hosting from Sydney to Perth, to Coffs and the Hunter. It’s pretty much just a weekend of family time, eating, drinking and making music. It’s really cool to join all the generations in the family through music....

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1. Your Profile


The best way I could describe Black Aces would be the ominous sound of lightning and thunder cracking over the dusty plains of the Australian outback. The sound of cracking that first ice cold Vic after a hard day’s work in the sun. It’s the sound of all the pubs and clubs at last call across this fair land of ours! [Laughs] Nah, we are just a chest-beating...

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1. Growing Up 


My childhood is a complete blur until I met my three best friends, Teddy, Pencil and Jarleth. We grew up together teaching each other Strokes riffs in Teddy’s garage while we flagged school. 


2. Inspirations

As a collective I think our favourite band would have to be The Strokes. No-one does a hook quite like Julian. Although artists like...

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1. The First Song I Wrote


My first recorded and properly formed song was when I was 7. My dad had a pretty basic 12-track recording desk at home so he helped me record the song. I can’t even remember what I called it but the repeating line was, “I want to be free / I want to dance with glee,” in this really baby whiney voice [laughs]. I remember thinking I was so damn prolific...

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1.  Your Profile


Chase The Sun is Jan, Ryan and Howler. We play blues-inspired rock with some other stuff thrown in. When not playing music we like to work really fucking hard. Most of our fans are people who work really fucking hard and like to play hard too, as long as they can get a babysitter.


2. Keeping Busy

Rather than save money to record our next...

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1. Your Profile


We are a rock band who like to make music with big choruses and harmonies – music to drive with a shotgun across your lap to.


2. Keeping Busy

We finished making our debut record, amorously titled The Law Of Romance, last year and since then have been prepping it for its release into the wild. We just pressed a seven-inch double A-side...

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1. Growing Up


I was fortunate to study under the great Tony Calabro, who had amassed an incredible amount of amazing students, guys like Jack Jones (Irwin Thomas), Troy MacCubbin (Tatu, Enrique Iglesias) and Ben Carey (Savage Garden, Lifehouse), to name a few. It was a great community and atmosphere to develop in. 


2. Inspirations

The first guitarists I...

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1. Growing Up


Growing up in Tahiti definitely played a big role in the way I perceived music early on. It was all about what was happening in a world that wasn’t physically present around me – most of what I thought of it came from TV and a lot of imagination. Growing up on an island in a micro-environment but surrounded by endless ocean gave me a contrasted view of music. I...

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The Grove Studios is entering its second year offering its sound production course in collaboration with TAFE and RMI. How successful was its maiden voyage in 2015?


Our first year was a great success. We have an incredibly enthusiastic, diverse group of students enrolled in our Diploma of Sound Production. Our classroom is a fully functioning recording control room, with the...

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1. Your Profile


We are an Australian alt-country duo that sounds just like two friends jamming, with plenty of guitars and harmonies. The best audience is an interactive and appreciative one. Like most musicians, our performance is best when we can have fun and feed off a great crowd. When we’re not playing music, we like to be spending time with family and friends, and...

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1. The First Song I Wrote


I was 11 and it was a song called ‘Ragdoll’. I can’t remember all the lyrics exactly but know that it must’ve been about the extreme emotional turmoil that ravaged me as a young chap… heavy. 


2. The Last Song I Released

The last song I released was called ‘We’re Not Alone’. I recorded it and wrote it with my old band members and...

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1. Growing Up


My key musical memory growing up was dancing with my grandfather to his vinyl collection. My favourite was Glen Campbell’s ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, for some unknown reason. It still moves me to this day. My parents were music nerds, with lots of vinyl and music in the car. They blessed me with tickets to the Port Fairy Folk Festival for ten years, which taught me the...

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1. Your Profile


Ahoy! We are Lagerstein – a pirate rockin’ folkin’ metallin’ band from the nearby shores of Brisbane. We enjoy taking our flying pirate ship the SS Plunderberg across the world and putting on the most party act you will see onstage. Anyone who enjoys to party and have the most fun possible should check us out. 


2. Keeping Busy

Ahoy! For...

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1. Growing Up


A key childhood music memory of mine is playing the national anthem in a minor key on a pink keyboard on every sound it had. It drove the family crazy. I wrote a song on it when I was nine called ‘Save The Trees’… my dad said it needed a lot of work. He was right. 


2. Inspirations

Some of my personal favourites are Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, The...

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1. Your Profile


Blues rock influenced by garage tones, angry neighbours and home brewed beer. We like to keep it raw, loud and slightly intoxicated. We’re all about touring the country in a van, drinking beer with our mates and smashing out some tunes. We grew up around the corner from each other, just down the road from the beach, so we spend a lot of time down there. At our...

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1. Growing Up


I grew up in a musical family in Ethiopia. I began performing at a young age and it’s always been a part of my life.


2. Inspirations

Many great Ethiopian musicians such as Tilahun Gessesse and Ephrem Tamiru. Growing up in Ethiopia, I also used to listen to foreign music such as Bob Marley and the legendary Sudanese singer, Mohammed Wardi....

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1. Your Profile


Hello, our name is Horace Bones. We’re four guys from Melbourne playing music that sounds psychedelic, garagey, liberating and belligerent but always tender… in a liberatingly belligerent sort of way. As a band we enjoy playing good gigs, playing bad gigs, fooling about on the patio and coming home twisted and YouTubing Leslie Nielsen’s best bits. The kinds of...

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Tell us about the concept behind Yabun Festival.


Yabun was created and took over ‘Survival Day’ in 2003, a significant day for Aboriginal Australia. Yabun was created to keep the tradition and significance of the Survival Day concert but to also enhance other elements of our culture. 


How did you come to select the musical acts for this year’s event?


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1. Your Profile


Our parents had kids. We are some of those kids. We all grew up together in the humble little surfing town of Bateau Bay. We have been jamming together since we were young bloods. We formed a band called Sea Legs. We play rock’n’roll, the hooky type, the type that makes you feel sort of nice. What are we looking for in a fan? They just need to worship the band...

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1. The First Song I Wrote


I wrote my first bunch of songs with my first band when I was 17. I don’t remember which song came first, but I remember they were all loud. 


2. The Last Song I Released

Tantric Shuffle is a four-song EP. My first album was brooding, but this new EP is more uptempo and jumps around in its style. I’d say it’s a much happier...

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1. The First Song I Wrote


‘Rue Morgue’ – a gothic piece with violin bowed guitar. I was 18 and in a psychedelic band doing the London circuit in 1968. We played supports for Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd to 400 people – all light shows and weirdness. The title was courtesy of horror writing pioneer Edgar Allan Poe; it was the beginning of a strange journey into a land of make-...

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1. Growing Up


I actually grew up in Turkey and was there till I was ten. My family listened to very traditional Arabic music, which has had little to no influence on my music.


2. Inspirations

I have so many inspirations. When I was young I was a huge hard rock fan – my favourite band of all time is probably Black Sabbath. My infatuation with rock slowly...

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1. The First Record I Bought

I remember it coming in the mail. Though this is before eBay, so I’m not sure how it was purchased. But it was an Elvis Presley ‘greatest hits’ CD. I’m not sure why my parents bought it, neither of them being massive fans. But Mr. Presley’s been with me in one way or another since I was about six years old. No matter how far I go, I can always return to an...

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1. The First Record I Bought

My first album I bought was a lucky accident. I was six and in a cassette store. I thought I was buying ‘Hey Jude’ but when I got the tape home it was full of these wild psychedelic guitar noises that was nothing like I’d ever heard before. Turns out I’d grabbed Jimi Hendrix, Live At Winterland, having seen the song ‘Hey Joe’ on the back and...