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Jerry Seinfeld on 'Seinfeld'

Find out more about ‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’ in his new comedy special

Having just visited Australia for a series of sold-out shows, we’re all left wanting more from the Seinfeld creator and stand-up legend, and Netflix is about to give us just what we need to fend off those cravings, with the first of two comedy specials having just been announced. Seinfeld...

Weir Al Yankovic performs on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Weird Al’s hilarious new song begs: “Please Don’t Nuke Us, North Korea”

While Tim Minchin is busting out profound piano jams slamming the marriage equality plebiscite, his long-standing U.S. equivalent Weird Al is making slightly more lighthearted tunes about his country’s latest spat with North Korea, and the looming threat of nuclear attacks. Appearing on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the...

Comedian Tim Minchin onstage

Tim Minchin slams Australia’s marriage equality vote with an amazing parody

Never one to keep his mouth shut about the important topics, Australia’s foremost musical comedian Tim Minchin has slammed the Liberal Government’s marriage equality postal vote with a new song, a fantastic riff on Peter Allen’s de facto national anthem ‘I Still Call Australia Home’. “I think the proposed plebiscite...

bill nye the science guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming to the Opera House in October

You know you’ve cornered a market when you are referred to as “the ____ guy”, which is exactly what Bill Nye the Science Guy has done, building a fanbase since the late ’80s with his blend of comedy and science, a mix he is bringing to the Opera House this...

The Workaholics cast

‘Workaholics’ comedian Adam Devine is playing the Sydney Opera House

Anyone who’s seen hit/cult comedy Workaholics will understand where Adam got the name for his ‘Weird Life’ comedy tour from, and will definitely be excited to hear he’s making his way to Australia for the first time, including a show at the Sydney Opera House. As well as being one...

Joel McHale Community

Joel McHale from Community, The Soup (and your fan fiction) is coming to Sydney

Joel McHale is one of those people that should inspire a lot of hate, being tall, handsome, successful and hilarious. Yet, despite the clear personal flaws listed above, McHale is one of the world’s most-loved comedians, thanks to his smiling/biting commentary over 12 seasons of The Soup, and his star-turning...

Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap is playing the Opera House this October

Harry Shearer is currently in the midst of legal drama involving past Spinal Tap royalties, but despite this mucky mess, his alter ego Derek Smalls has gone solo and is playing the Sydney Opera House in October. ‘Lukewarm Water Live: An Adventure in Loud Music’ will see the bassist team...

‘Renonsense Man’ Jimeoin says he’s got it better than a rock star

These days it seems that YouTube is fraught with thousands of wannabe comics, all looking to be the next big thing - willing to say anything to shock or offend just to get noticed, and maybe land a Netflix special.

The Spice Girls’ music has stood the test of time… their video clips, not so much

In our new Christian Mulls… series, Christian Hull reviews the biggest (and strangest) pop cultural phenomena of our times.  I’m a 30-year-old gay guy, so it would come as no surprise that from the ages of nine to 13 I was a little obsessed with the Spice Girls. So in...

Songtourage’s Dumb Song Night was actually really clever

As far as comedy acts go, an all-male a cappella group singing stand-up is pretty niche. But somehow, these five talented Sydney blokes managed to pull off a Dumb Song Night, leaving the audience in stitches with their cute but dark humour. If anyone was in doubt about what the...