This year’s Tropfest is almost upon us, and the finalists have now been revealed.

The 16 finalists were chosen from a selection of several hundred entries, and will have their films showed at the gala event on Saturday February 11.


The return edition of Tropfest will be held at its new location of Parramatta Park.


The finalists are:


     Accomplice by Michael Noonan

     Another Olga by Cecilia Rumore

     Beekeepers, The by James Dewhirst-Prineas

     Birth, The by Sarah Hatherley

     Can’t I Sh#t In Peace? by Julia Morris

     Diary of a Youtuber by Holly Hargreaves

     Everyting Criss by Olly Sindle

     Going Vego by Christopher Burke, Mikey Owen, Hannah Bath

     Love, Steve by Alex Roberts

     Meat and Potatoes  by Arielle Thomas, Ellenor Argyropoulos

     Mother Situation, The by Matt Day

     Mutonia Burnout by Eugene E Nrg

     Passenger by Catherine Mack

     Talc by Jefferson Grainger

     Wall, The by Tristan Klein

     Wibble Wobble by Daphne Do


Image: Passenger

Tickets to Tropfest are available here.

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