As part of the19thInternational Symposium on Electronic Art 2013,CoFAis presentingRunning the City, an exhibition brining together artists who use cities as their raw material.

Dutch artist Marnix de Nijs’ work Run Motherfucker Run is the centerpiece of the exhibition and is a massive immersive installation asking gallerygoers to literally run in order to traverse the electronic cityscape in front of them. The images you experience, both filmic and 3D, are determined by the running course you choose and the eerie soundscape aims to generate uncertainty and begs the question, who are you running from? Curating Cities Porosity by Australian artist Richard Goodwin is another work dealing with performance navigation. Based on a virtual modeling of Sydney’s soon-to-be-redundant monorail, Goodwin’s workshop-based project maps aspects of the city using photographic and computer technologies with performance-based explorations of the city.

Running the Cityis showing at CoFA fromJune 7 – July 20. For more info visit

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