The Story So Far is a stellar first offering from one of Sydney’s most diverse MCs – if this is the story so far, you’ll be wanting to hear the rest of it pretty soon.

Fast-flowing MC – and one quarter of much-loved Sydney hip hop collective Daily Meds – P Smurf has finally stepped out solo and if you thought you’d heard everything this quick-tongued MC has to offer, The Story So Far is here to prove you wrong.

While this debut offering is filled with the sun soaked, whimsical yet always sharp musings you’ve come to know and love from the versatile wordsmith, stylistically The Story So Far doesn’t push the envelope wildly, but does have the slick production values only producer P. Major can bring to a record. Rather, we’re given an introspective, cleverly articulated look into this Smurf’s world, which just about everyone can relate to – ‘Residential Aussie’ is a laugh out loud ode to the perils of share housing that’s sure to raise a few knowing chuckles.

The EP swings from raising laughs, dealing cheeky verses with whip crack speed about seemingly endless mishaps and maladies (‘2 Hernias’), to being heartfelt and socially conscious (‘Holdin’ It Down’) with little warning, but the elastic band effect keeps things fresh. Socially aware, but never a preacher, tracks such as ‘Lost Souls’ are testament to thoughtfully penned hip hop with an even classier delivery.

Guest appearances by fellow Daily Meds members Mikoen and Billie Rose impart warm familiarity and their presence doesn’t blur the lines back into Daily Meds territory too heavily.

3/5 stars


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