Atthe age of 21, Amos Gill is one of the funniest young comedians in the country. His burgeoning star will rise all the higher in his latest show, Extravertigo.

Gill is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having already worked on a children’s TV show,recorded stand-up for TV and co-hosted a new show for ABC3. This workload may sound extreme, but Gill wouldn’t have it any other way. “I found the thing I want to do in my life and it’s the first time I think I’ve ever worked hard at anything, because I actually enjoy doing it. Once you’ve found what you want to do, you get a kick out of the work. If I could do it every day I would.”

The significance of being 21 plays a large role in Extravertigo. “A lot of this show is about 21st birthday parties and going back and catching up with old school friends. Seeing who you are now and remembering who you were then. And a lot of it is about who I thought I was going to be by my 21st. I thought I might be an AFL football player and then I realised that I actually don’t enjoy hanging out with a lot of those kind of guys. You know, because I like the whole ‘respecting women’ thing.”

There will be an abundance of awkward and hilariously humiliating material in the show that Gill has mined from his own experiences. “There’s a story about hearing my mum have sex when I was ten. I just recorded it for the ABC so it’ll be broadcast into my lounge room sometime soon. I have a joke in the show where I say my mum saw it and that she didn’t think that it was appropriate for me to do.”

If you think that’s awkward, clearly you haven’t been drugged in front of 10,000 people. “I was once competing in the world air guitar championships in Finland and I freaked out. I was talking to this guy from America and he said ‘Mate just relax, drink a beer.’ So I chugged it and just as I was about to compete he said ‘I put MDMA in there’. So in front of all those people I’m just like ‘Oh my god, everyone’s looking at me. They know. Everyone knows. What’s going on? Oh my god!’”

Grab tickets toExtravertigo at Enmore Theatre on Tuesday May 6, Thursday May 8 and Saturday May 10, tickets available through Ticketek as a part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

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