11-time nominated Archibald artist Paul Ryan has teamed up with American singer and songwriter Bill Callahan as a part of this year’s Vivid LIVE festival. Ryan will showcase a selection of his works as a backdrop to the musical performance.

Ryan and Callahan have worked together in the past, merging the musical art form together with the visual art expression. Ryan created an art piece for Callahan’s acclaimed album Apocalypse in 2010 and has done numerous album covers for him since.

Paul Ryan’s subjects include landscape, relations between indigenous Australians and settlers, and portraiture, with music always being a primary source of inspiration in his work.

Bill Callahan will be performing as a part of this year’s Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House on Thursday May 28 and Friday May 29. Paul Ryan will also have an exhibition of his works at Sydney’s Olsen Irwin Gallery later this year.

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