Ben Folds is performing a set at the Sydney Opera House, and he is encouraging audience members to hurl missiles onto the stage.

Granted, he isn’t suggesting you should lob half-glasses of beer at him, rather he is asking fans to write song requests onto paper planes which are to be thrown onto the stage. He will then sit at his piano, select at random from these planes, and perform whatever request is on the sheet of paper. We have to assume there are some limits, but it’s a great idea for a gig.

Even better, the first half of the set will be a catalogue-spanning hits-style set, so you can go all obscure with your request and still be certain you’ll hear ‘Brick’.

Folds will perform at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on February 6. Tickets will be on sale this Friday, August 4 from the Opera House website.

Here’s our request – this heartbreaking tune.

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