Bombay Bicycle Club are a hard-working band. In the last four years, they’ve released three albums in quick succession. Their latest arrives a little over two years after A Different Kind Of Fix, following lead singer Jack Steadman’s travels to India, Turkey and the Netherlands.

With the band taking over production as well,So Long, See You Tomorrowdemonstrates the indie quartet’s willingness for electronic experimentation. While they’ve dabbled before, Steadman has this time brought back Bollywood loops and samples to distribute throughout the record.

‘Carry Me’ is probably the grittiest track on the album – whatever ‘gritty’ means for Bombay Bicycle Club. Tunes like ‘Overdone’ and ‘It’s Alright Now’ feature Steadman’s familiar wistful vocals, with the latter’s refrain transforming into a sort of mesmerising pulse. ‘Luna’ is perhaps the standout, where those Bollywood samples are deployed ingeniously. It’s tumultuous, but offset with Rae Morris’ and Steadman’s soaring vocals, it’s gorgeous. However,So Long, See You Tomorrowlacks the commitment that can nurture results beyond the merely pleasant.

It’s impossible to love or hate this album. There’s not enough in it to incite any strong emotion; it’s inoffensive and safe.

3/5 stars

Out now on Island/Caroline.

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