It hasn’t been long between drinks, but British electronic power couple Brian Eno and Karl Hyde are back. Though only two months have passed since their debut album together, High Life isn’t just a collection of leftovers and B-sides from round one – nor does it reek of the self-indulgence that you’d expect from such a quick turnaround.

 They’ve opted to skip promotional mode and get right into expanding on the ideas brought up in Someday World.


The result is quite simply a joy to listen to. There is a quirkiness to High Life that stems from the African influences prevalent throughout. The nine-minute opening track, appropriately titled ‘Return’, offers a welcome slow build into the album’s melting pot of sounds. Guitar loops oscillate from a vigorous jazz infusion in ‘DBF’, while ‘Time To Waste It’ delivers deep funk with vocals that hint at the psychedelic. The later half of High Life gets somewhat confused with its identity as it enters atmospheric territory while simultaneously trying to bring itself back down to earth.


Eno and Hyde seem to be having a little bit more fun this time around, and High Life is laced in warm, fuzzy feelings.



High Life is out now through Warp / Inertia.

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