Brody Dalle has had seven different surnames since birth. Similarly, she has never had a set identity in the world of music – she’s leapt from guttural punk to brisk, melodic rock and back again.

Her debut solo record throws her even further out into the musical spectrum, incorporating elements of post-punk, electronica, darkwave and no-wave. Ironically enough, it might also be the definitive album of her career – Diploid Love exudes a confidence that can only come with decades of experience and a willingness to explore territory that might be deemed risky or even kitsch.

Dozens of acts come to mind across the album’s nine tracks – The Pretenders, Garbage, Hole, Le Tigre and PJ Harvey being just a few. This definitely isn’t the kind of record that’s defined by its influences, however – rather, it’s Dalle’s personality and attitude that make Diploid Love what it is. She has evolved into a bold, versatile musician, and there has been no better time to fully appreciate that than now.

Those holding their breath for The Distillers Mach II will have turned blue by now. For the rest of you, see where Diploid Love takes you – it will probably be quite the surprise.


Diploid Love is out now through Caroline / Universal.

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