It’s official: Australia’s real estate agents are taking the piss.

That much is clear from a new marketing ploy by a Brisbane realtor who’s offering a year’s supply of smashed avocado on toast at a local cafe to the buyer of a Brisbane townhouse.

The three-bedroom Sherwood home is listed at $595,000 – a bargain in Sydney terms – and along with the title deed comes a voucher for one year’s worth of smashed avo from a local cafe, Domain reports.

“We had a lot of older people coming through, and it didn’t quite suit them,” said agent Lisette Shults-Rand. “So we wanted it to appeal to a younger crowd.”

But we can’t shake the feeling that real estate agents around Australia – and the cafe owners – are the only ones laughing amidst a market that just doesn’t allow young professionals into the lofty circles of home ownership.

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