With a tagline like “Three Idiots Explain The Economy”, you might be shocked to find out that this is not just this week’s episode of Q&A.

Zoe Coombs-Marr (you may know her from rave reviews all over Australia’s comedy circuits), Mish Grigor and Natalie Rose are presenting the plain facts about the GFC. Or at least, the bits they understood. “Stimulus packages” and “massive bailouts” will be explained in full, as will some basic concepts like “capitalism” and the “deregulation of over the counter derivatives.”

If that sounds like a lot to cover in a mere hour, you have a lot to learn about these accredited financial geniuses. They just gave a TED Talk at TEDx Sydney, in case you were wondering about their legitimacy.

But far from another boring lecture, expect absurdity, silliness and a lot of double entendre. And if you aren’t any smarter by the end of it, at least you will know a few more words to throw around at your financial manager friends or in an angry Twitter rage.

Everything I Know About The GFC will be at the Giant Dwarf on Wednesday May 14, tickets available through Eventbrite.

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