In the wake of the recent amalgamation of the Ashfield, Leichhardt, and Marrickville councils, an un-elected and hastily-assembled Inner West Council decided to impose a ban of dogs in pubs, because why not immediately move to crush the spirit of a community?

Thankfully, Darcy Byrne, Mayor of the former Leichhardt Council and current member of the Elected Mayors Council of the Inner West, has lodged a motion to begin “unwinding” this particular law.

“Our decades long tradition of owners taking their dogs to the pub was stopped by the unelected Council dictating to local hotels that it must stop”, Byrne told The BRAG this afternoon.

“For many years previously we have managed food safety requirements without having to ban dogs and we can do it again.

“My motion requires the Council compliance officers to consult with pub owners and patrons and come up with a common sense solution that will allow our pooches to return to their rightful place.

“I am hopeful that this nanny state style ban can be overturned in matter of months and our canine friends will be welcomed back to Inner West pubs.”

It’s nice to see that the law is not really being enforced — many pubs in the area still welcome four-legged friends — but it’s still a dumb law we need removed.

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