The Creases are four foppish youths from Brisbane, well studied in unassuming dreamy pop and shoegaze. Their debut EP puts this education towards conjuring memorable vocal hooks and woozy guitar atmosphere.The band sauntered into view late last year with a pair of jangly garage-pop singles, butGradientdetermines to push past these scrappy beginnings. The five-track set boasts greater sonic clarity and detailed songcraft.

Opener ‘Static Lines’ immediately exhibits the band’s romantic disposition. This impression isn’t just communicated by the lyrics – it’s also in the dreamy reverb smeared across the baritone musings and careening guitars. ‘How Long ’Til I Know’ exacts a hypnotic effect, employing tremolo-ing guitars and a lethargic disco beat. Even though Joe Agius assumes a despondent tone as he asks things such as, “Why does it always have to come in waves?” he upholds a compelling composure. Similarly downcast co-frontman Jarrod Mahon takes over for ‘Fall Guy’, conveying eagerness that distinguishes him from Mahon. Lyrically, Gradient contains fairly pedestrian reflections on party mishaps and romantic uncertainty, but this doesn’t detract.

The fusion of delicate sentiments and giant guitar noise manifests a very likeable mopey-versus-tough duality.


Gradientis out now through Liberation.

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