Back in February, Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J. Fairplay released an album together entitled Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust under the moniker The Asphodells.

Lauded by critics upon its release, Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust has now spawned a remix album that is officially ‘out’ as of this week. As one would expect, the remixers that have turned out to rework tracks on The Asphodells Remixed are all top shelf, with many representing from The Axis, the group of locally-based producers who hang out in Weatherall’s Shoreditch studio bunker. Parisian Ivan Smagghe – a man who regularly DJs b2b with Weatherall – turns out to remix the track ‘One Minute’s Silence’, creating a result that one reviewer described as “crunchy and feral and blissed-out”, while Scott Fraser and Dan Avery also offer remixes. Phil Kieran represents, as does Justin Robertson under his Deadstock 33s alias, while Daniele Baldelli adds some Italo-disco sheen to the whole affair. If you happened to miss the original release, then The Asphodells Remixed should be the catalyst for you to go back and discover the source material – and upon first listen, the remix album is a worthy counterpoint to the original.

Former Deep Impressions headliner Sasu Ripatti, who plies his trade as Vladislav Delay and Luomo along with an assortment of other aliases, is set to launch a new vinyl-only label this month called Ripatti.As the name suggests, the label will be all about Sasu himself, releasing the Finnish producer’s own tracks along with “collaborations with people who’ve come over to my studio,” which is located at Sasu’s house on a secluded island off the Finnish coast. Ripatti will be inaugurating the imprint with a new “club music project”, also named Ripatti, that apparently “focuses on faster tempos”, before a sophomore EP released by Ripatti and his Moritz Von Oswald Trio co-member Max Loderbauer under the moniker Heisenberg (insert the obligatory Breaking Bad reference of your choice here – “I’ll send you to Belize!”). The third release will be another solo Ripatti affair, this time under his Vladislav Delay moniker, before the fourth release introduces fellow Finnish electronic producer Teeth into the mix. In Sasu’s typically esoteric style, the tracklists for all releases will consist of only a ‘#’ and a number. “I’m seeing the label as something like a studio diary,” Sasu told the techno media. “It’s a chance for me to follow progression over certain time, but also to build a coherent musical catalogue … I feel like nowadays it’s so little about music and it’s about fashion and hype, weird things to sell music or book shows or something. But maybe I’m getting a little bit older, or maybe it’s the location of where I live, or maybe I always should have done it this way. I just really had to think what I want to do and it just all came down to this. I didn’t do this in a rush – I thought about it for some years.”

Luke Slater will drop a new album called Unknown Origin in November under the L.B. Dub Corp alias. One of the few UK producers to emerge during the early ’90s whose output remains relevant (read: cutting edge) today, Slater regularly throws down at some of the world’s foremost techno dungeons, such as Berghain and Fabric, and is responsible for one of the better installments in the fabled Fabric compilation canon. Slater’s back catalogue comprises the windswept ambience of his seminal 7th Plain pseudonym – encapsulated in the classic The 4 Cornered Room album from the mid-’90s – through to hisreleases as X-Tront and Planetary Assault Systems. Unknown Origin features collaborations with Benjamin Zephaniah and Function, who played in Australia only a few weeks ago, and will be released on Ostgut Ton, which also released the L.B. Dub Corp 12” Take It Down (In Dub) back in 2010.



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