Despite fierce rivalries that span decades, the various Inner West Libraries have put aside their differences and will be banding together this Sunday for a massive book sale, at Marrickville Festival.

“Art, architecture, design, children’s, fiction and non-fiction. All books must go”, they warn. Members pay $1 per book, non-members pay an outrageous $2 per book.

For our younger readers, books were a common and quite popular communication and educational device for centuries, much like the e-reader, but with the distinct disadvantage that each device could only hold one novel.

What else? Ummm, libraries are buildings in which these books were stored, and often browsed or even borrowed by members of the public, who would enter the building physically, and leave with the actual item, without any money exchanging hands. It’s a weird system, but it worked for a great deal of years.

It’s all happening at Marrickville Town Hall this Sunday (October 22) from 10am to 5pm.

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