Reggae is perhaps the most misunderstood beast in the music kingdom. People think that reggae music is only about pot and the only way to enjoy it is when stoned. And I’m not saying it’s not. Hell, you’ll enjoy the shit out of El Moth’s debut EP Life’s A Ride if you’re stoned. But you’ll also enjoy the shit out of The Wiggles’ ‘Big Red Car’ or the sound of television static – you’re stoned!

Life’s A Rideis an EP that’s good even without the drugs. And – this might surprise you – it’s not about pot (well… it’s notentirelyabout pot). El Moth have made an album with heart. The lyrics of ‘Must I’ reflect the perpetual madness society has fallen into, as singer Tim Smith speaks of the horrific events of the world and the jaded approach taken by people who’d rather not think about it: “Must I always remind myself of things I should not think about?” ‘Cold Faces’ takes aim at the pull of the daily grind and the desire to avoid the noose of the shirt and tie: “I don’t wanna succumb”.

It’s a record all can enjoy… you’ll just enjoy it more if you happen to be high.

3.5/5 stars

Out now on Independent/Bandcamp.

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