It may not be every day that you listen to bubblegum-punk quite like Hunx And His Punks, but if you are looking for a spectacular show, you’ve found it.

Concerts – and, for that matter, music – is meant to be entertaining and leave you drenched in mysterious glittery sweat. Chilled-out indie tunes have their place, but if you are looking for something a little more totally and utterly hyperactive, this may be just the gig for you. Likened to Misfits for their often hilarious and energetic style, it is worth checking out Hunx And His Punks’ polyester-heavy video clips (we recommend ‘You Don’t Like Rock’N’Roll’ for a taster) before heading out for a night sure to be full of surprises.

If you are game, grab tickets to the Oxford Art Factory show on Saturday April 19.

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