In the music world, the true guilty pleasure that everyone suffers is a love of 1960s girl groups. The Fabergettes seem to have discovered this secret and have blended in the dirty sound of garage with the vintage twang of the ’60s to create a doo-wop-garage-pop sound, one which sticks in your head long after their second EP Big Bruiserhas come to an end.

Opening with the title track, a strutting guitar kicks off, possessing a strong doo-wop vibe and killer vocals from frontwoman Nat Martin. ‘Little White Lie’ follows up with a teasing quality to it; the guitar and vocals call out to us, inviting us upstairs for a nightcap while the drum beats away like the angry neighbour trying to get those crazy kids to keep it down.

‘Do The Hula’ feels like it should be played on a beach somewhere, with everyone too busy dancing to ever bother going in the water, while ‘Kiss Hairspray Away’ keeps true to The Fabergettes’ favourite topics of hairspray, bubblegum and other teenage fantasies of the yesteryears.

This release follows on from The Fabergettes’ first self-titled EP, which contained the single ‘Ding-Dong’, a track that exploded in popularity and threatened to mark the band as a one-hit wonder. Big Bruiserproves the band is much more than that.

With the EP’s kiss-and-tell style, The Fabergettes leave us with a peck on the check, a lipstick mark and a promise of what’s to come.

5/5 stars


Big Bruises is out independently.

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