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The Brag issue 720 cover featuring three members of Two Door Cinema Club on a black background, plus cover lines for Why Music Festivals Need To Get Smarter About Drugs New Found Glory, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Broken Social Scene, Montaigne, The Rover, Game OnThe BRAG #720


australia money

A handy guide on what NOT to do when applying for music grants

As someone who has experienced both funding success and heartbreaking rejection, I feel like I have a balanced perspective on how to snare that dollar-pie in the sky. That said, if I knew all the secrets there wouldn’t be rejection at all, and I’d be travelling the world on a...

Vera Blue

Feature: Vera Blue – Back In Fashion

Celia Pavey is playing the waiting game. When we speak, the singer behind the Vera Blue moniker, a one-time contestant on The Voice and rising Australian talent, has but a week until her new record Perennial comes out, and not much to do but twiddle her thumbs and stress about...

Maala at MTV unplugged in New Zealand

Here’s what happened when MTV Unplugged launched in New Zealand

When Nirvana filled Sony’s Hell’s Kitchen studio in New York for an uncharacteristically tender MTV Unplugged appearance, Maala wasn’t even born yet. In ’93, In Utero had signposted a more abrasive direction for the band, though it would be their last studio album, and the stripped-down MTV franchise was creating...

Album cover for 'Mura Masa' by Mura Masa, who appears in mid-fall. The track-listing and special guests on the album are written down both sides.

Mura Masa’s debut album brings impressive guests and warm familiarity

For an artist who has never before released an album, Mura Masa sure has made a name for himself.

The members of Two Door Cinema Club, seated in what is presumably a Drake music video.

Sam Halliday of Two Door Cinema Club talks about the indulgence of their latest album, Gameshow

Here's a question: is it too soon for 2010s nostalgia? It may seem a ridiculous idea, but as we edge closer to the end of the decade, it's interesting to see how things have changed – what's come and gone, and who's still around to tell the tale.

A vinyl record on a turntable

How to take care of your vinyl records, and get the best sound from your turntable

A couple of years ago, Ringo’s personal copy of The Beatles (which just happened to be #0000001) sold for a whopping $920,000, so it might not be a bad idea to keep some of your rarer records in top condition. But if you want to, you know, play the things...

Divided image featuring Kanye West & Jay-Z

A brief history of the beef between Kanye West & Jay-Z

In case you missed it, since the release of Jay-Z’s recent record 4:44, it seems like Hova isn’t too happy with Kanye West. While the two used to be best buddies back in the day, releasing one of the greatest collaboration albums in history, 2011’s Watch The Throne, recent years have seen...

Steve Lucas and the other members of X

Meet the band that was banned from playing gigs in Sydney… in the ’80s

When Aussie punk revolutionaries X first emerged in 1977, they stepped out in solidarity into a world disenchanted with its social and political state; a world sick of absolutism. X wanted change, and from a basement in Glebe, they plotted revolution. In the peak of punk, the band took to...

Jay-Z AKA Shawn Carter, whose new album 4:44 drops on Tidal

Jay-Z has gone personal on 4:44, and his career will never be the same

Every artist makes their new record in the shadow of their last, for better and for worse. But in the case of Jay-Z’s new album 4:44, his first in four years, the point of comparison is not 2013’s underwhelming Magna Carta Holy Grail but his wife Beyoncé Knowles Carter’s Lemonade....

Josephine Vander Gucht and Adam West of Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder are ready to let their songs do the talking ahead of Splendour 2017

They were never supposed to be a band. Now they’ve toured most of the world and are about to release their second album. “It’s like Oh Wonder is a beast that we’re constantly trying to jump on the back off. It’s doing its own thing and we’re just trying to...