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three members of Cosmic Psychos stand in front of a pub with can of VB inset with pictures of the bands Mini Skirt, Rackett and Shearin'
The Brag #729


The members of Chk Chk Chk

Nic Offer of Chk Chk Chk wants to push the limits of dance punk

This year marks the 21st birthday of !!!. That means 21 years of confused looks, 21 years of awkwardly asking how to pronounce the name (the most common is “chk chk chk”) and 21 years of raving unto the joy fantastic. From their mid-’90s beginnings to their mid-2000s boom and...

The members of Slowdive standing in front of a blue wall

Slowdive had no idea what people would think about their comeback album

“I like your old stuff better than your new stuff” isn’t only an excellent Regurgitator song – it’s a maxim that has vast relevance in the world of popular music, particularly in the case of iconic bands releasing much hyped, long-delayed comeback records. After all, in most instances, such releases...

The members of Cigarettes After Sex in front of a black background

We talked about, uh, sex, with Cigarettes After Sex

It’s becoming an increasingly familiar story: a musician posts a few songs online to not much initial acclaim or attention. But then fast forward a few years and those songs have racked up tens of millions of plays, attracting a global – and distincly committed – listenership. Such is the...

Greta Gerwig directs Saoirse Ronan on the set of Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig is the force of sheer kindness Hollywood desperately needs

With the film industry in disarray, torn apart by the misconduct of those in power, it’s quite clear that the position for a kind-hearted, fearless and accepting leader is vacant. We need a film hero who sees into the core of the human condition: the good, the bittersweet and the...

John Grant in a pub in Wake In Fright

The new ‘Wake In Fright’ miniseries doesn’t hold a candle to the original

The main distinction between the two adaptations of Kenneth Cook’s acerbic 1961 novel Wake In Fright – the 1971 Ted Kotcheff film and the recently aired 2017 TV miniseries – is the effectiveness with which they critique toxic masculinity. After all, Kotcheff’s version, a long lost classic that was only...

Will Poulter in Detroit

Will Poulter says making the explosive new film ‘Detroit’ changed him

When Will Poulter first laid his hands on a script marked Untitled Kathryn Bigelow Project he knew he was on to something significant. The film, subsequently titled Detroit, tells the story of the Detroit race riots of 1967, and in particular a violent altercation at an inner-city motel in which...

Pig faced villain in Jigsaw

Jigsaw is an infuriating, occasionally admirable entry in the Saw franchise

For all the conservative fretting that horror movies are depraved, and lacking in clear ethical boundaries, in truth the genre has long flirted with the ultra-moral. Slashers of the ’80s were all about punishing those who transgressed: Jason’s machete-split victims in the Friday The 13th series were a gaggle of...

Holly Throsby on a farm

Holly Throsby: “Arguments for same sex marriage have remained unchanged”

It’s not so much that Holly Throsby is many artists at once – it’s more that she is changeable in what kind of artist she wants to be. The Sydney-born musician divides her time neatly between making solo records; touring; performing as one third of Seeker, Lover, Keeper; making children’s...

The members of Polaris in front of a maroon background

Polaris are your new favourite Aussie metalcore act

When bassist Jake Steinhauser and drummer Daniel Furnari of Polaris bonded in high school over a love of heavy music, they had no idea that they’d be playing a European metalcore festival with their bandmates some five short years later. Indeed, although Polaris are set to head overseas this year...

Harvey Weinstein at the Oscars

Hollywood Is Burning: How Weinstein is indicative of the old world’s failure

Content warning: This article contains discussion of sexual assault. Anyone with any number of female friends, colleagues or family members would be aware that social media is currently awash with claims of #MeToo – a hashtag adopted by those who at some point (or, indeed, many points) have been sexually...